Q&A with Kate McCarthy: Shimmer Brick Tips

Hi Kate - I just purchased the Shimmer Brick. How can I use it to its full potential and with which brushes?

glo minerals shimmer brick

Kate: The Shimmer Bricks are a wonderful daily addition to your makeup routine. They can be used for eyes, cheeks and lips, or just swirl a Powder Brush though all 4 colors and dust all over for a radiant glo-y complexion.
You can grab your Eye Blender Brush and add a subtle shimmer to any eye shadow look, or use all four colors for a total eye look. The fact that they are sheer allows you to mix, match and blend in a foolproof manner!
My favorite way to use the Shimmer Brick in gleam (my personal favorite) is to grab my Fan Brush and dust all four colors on my cheeks. Then with my Mini Crease Brush I use the white triangle and dab a little on the inner corner of my eye.  Next, use your finger to dot the pink triangle on your lips, then top with Lip Gloss in clear!
The Shimmer Brick is the perfect product to experiment with and  just get creative! Don’t hesitate to add any color to any look!

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