3 Reasons to Add a Mask to Your Beauty Routine

3 Reasons to Add a Mask to Your Beauty Routine

At-home facial masks have made their way into the beauty routines of women all around the world. Whether you apply yours while soaking in a bubble bath or while folding laundry, the benefits of masks have stood the test of time. According to Anna, our glo therapeutics product manager, “Once you have your basic routine down, a mask is a great addition. They are the products that, I feel, most allow you to have a treatment experience at home by providing therapeutic, stress-relieving benefits while targeting your skin concerns.” Anna shares three reasons why masks should be apart of our regular routine:

1) Masks are customizable for your skin- Regardless of your skin type (oily, dry, sensitive) there is a mask out there for you. Look for the formula that best suits your skin type and then pick one that will target your skin concern.  “Clay-based masks help to refine and are great for oily skin while gel and cream-based formulations nourish and hydrate normal to dry skin,” explains Anna.

2) Masks penetrate deep into skin’s pores for noticeable results- Leaving the treatment on for a prolonged period of time lets our skin fully absorb the antioxidants and nutrients found in the advanced formulas. According to Anna the results can be dramatic- “A mask feels great while it's on, but the best part is when you remove it- your skin looks and feels better.”

3) Masks offer a relaxing experience- Anna suggests trying to  “make a little time for yourself 1-3 times a week for 10 minutes. If you're finding it difficult to fit time in to apply a mask, combine masking with your favorite television show- apply mask during a commercial break, return to your show and remove during the next commercial break (10-15 minutes later). You're skin will thank you!”

Add one of these innovative masks to your routine:
Soothing Gel Mask
Refining Mask
Restorative Mask
Cyto-luxe Mask

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