Bridal Beauty Countdown: 1 Month Until the Big Day

You’re in the home stretch! As your wedding quickly approaches be sure to have a game plan when it comes to your bridal beauty. Here’s a quick checklist that covers all of your bridal beauty bases!
Double and Triple Check
The most important thing to do at this juncture is to confirm all beauty appointments and to set your “day- of” wedding beauty schedule. Let your hair and makeup team, as well as your bridal party, know exactly when and where to be. This will ensure that things run smoothly on your big day!

Get your glo on!

If you plan to apply a spray tan before your wedding, always set up a practice run to ensure you’ve picked the right color. This can help you avoid looking like Magda from There’s Something about Mary.

Get one last minute skin treatment! You should already have done your major exfoliations and treatments but there’s still time to hit up your local spa for a rejuvenating and relaxing facial. Be sure to book it far enough in advance to avoid any potential issues.

Is your skin acting up? It’s not too late to get your skin in shape! Purchase skin care products for home care use that will keep your complexion bright, exfoliated and hydrated.  I’d also recommend purchasing “just in case” products at this time like glo therapeutics Clear Anti-Blemish Treatment, Healing Gel and Spot Fix Treatment in case of a last minute breakout.

Remember to wear sunscreen! Nothing clashes with a pretty white dress (and makes your makeup artist’s life a little harder and ages the skin) more than a sunburn. Use Oil Free SPF 40+, Protecting Powder SPF 30 and SPF 40 Facial Moisturizer in your regular routine. If sunburn does occur, use a cooling, soothing and healing product like glo therapeutics Soothing Gel Mask or Remedy Gel.

Brighten that Bite
Feeling like your teeth could be a bit brighter? Now is the time to try out that new whitening toothpaste or an at home whitening kit.

Manage your Mane
Smooth, silky luxurious hair should be a focus at this time. My secret weapon? Reparative Keratin Leave In Treatment!

Also, be sure to bring your veil to your hair stylist so she can try out several options with the veil. While you’re there, ask your stylist to show you fun and easy looks for the honeymoon as well! Easy bohemian braids are all the rage and glo essentials’ Texture Spray gives gorgeous, beachy waves with minimal work!

Makeup Mania
Time for that trial run! Having a beauty rehearsal to try out your complete makeup look is essential.  Schedule your trial run for an event like your bachelorette party. That way you can test the way the makeup wears and looks in photos.

Be sure to do the following before your trial run:
- Exfoliate with your favorite facial scrub and hydrate well! Try using an exfoliant like glotherapeutics’ Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub for a brighter complexion.
- Bring a photo of the dress to help bring the full look together.
-Take a photo at the end of the consulate, not only to boost your instagram viewership, but to better help your makeup artist (or yourself) replicate the look later on.

If you plan to do your own makeup, now is the time to have a beauty rehearsal by yourself!  Purchase the products you need NOW so you can practice, practice, practice!

Remember, using a mineral makeup line like glo minerals, that is healthy for your skin, will ensure that you’re protected with vitamins A, C, E, Green Tea Extract, Broad Spectrum UV protection and it will last all day!

Lash Out
If you’re wanting to try Eyelash extensions (a hot trend for the big day), now is a great time to find a look that’s best for your bridal style. Remember that all glo minerals’ mascaras are water soluble and are very gentle for delicate lash extensions. I recommend glominerals’ Lash Lengthening Mascara which is very gentle and will enhance the look of lash extensions.

Health Kick
Keep up that great healthy eating and exercising schedule. You want to fuel your body and brain in the last stretch so feed your skin from the inside out with fruits and veggies loaded with antioxidants.

Nailed it
Start prepping for great nails at this point. Try out several looks because everyone will be staring at your hands. It’s also quite common to have hand photos taken to show off that beautiful ring! Prep cuticles with a great emollient ointment like glo therapeutics Barrier Balm.

You’ll most likely be receiving a lot of boxes and letters at this time but avoid using your nails to open them which can cause damage!

Whew! I know that is a lot to think about but you’ll thank yourself later for being prepared!

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