Kate McCarthy Guest Post: My Trip to Tokyo

I recently visited the fashion mecca while on a trip to Tokyo for the Beautyworld Japan exhibition and had an absolutely amazing time! Here’s a rundown of some of my favorite memories and what I liked best about the Japanese culture (plus a few pictures from my trip!).

Remember the Beauty passport I wrote on harajuku? Well, I was there! The area far surpassed my expectations!  There were thousands of people coming off the train in all types of fashions and makeup looks that I could hardly contain myself!! The biggest theme I saw was Alice in Wonderland. It is my understanding that the themes change constantly, but I am glad I was there for this one, since Alice in Wonderland is one of my top 5 favorite Disney movies!  The fashion ranged from white rabbit outfits to puff dresses. I saw lots of skirts matched with soft t-shirts that had anything from Alice’s face to CATS on them… (Yes, I bought a few cat shirts…and socks, all for myself)!
Entrance to Harajuku District
Something I noticed, and really enjoyed, about Japan was that there were beautiful women EVERYWHERE who dressed how they wanted to, did their makeup and hair how they wanted to and made no apologies. While some of the customs I observed were neither familiar nor appetizing (drinking  pork placenta being one of them) I must say there is method behind the madness. Japanese women have flawless, fair and glowing skin. Their overall makeup routine is low maintenance, yet perfectly precise. It is evident that Japanese women take pride in their appearances and it was inspiring to see the values that brought me into the beauty industry play out right in front of me! In my opinion, “vanity” or appreciating and developing your own beauty, is not a bad thing and shouldn’t be viewed as a negative attribute. These women take pride in their looks and it’s very obvious why… they don’t do it for their husbands, or to find a husband, or for the benefit of their co-workers or strangers on the street, but for themselves! They want to love and appreciate what they see in the mirror everyday and there is NOTHING wrong with that! In fact, this is something we could all start to practice here in the west.

To add complete their overall beauty, the Japanese women I met were just as lovely on the inside! The kindness they showed me was overwhelming. The hospitality and willingness to show me everything and anything about their super clean,  fun city was inspiring and made me appreciate their beauty efforts even more. Genuine kindness, genuine beauty and a culture that LOVES CATS! I will definitely return to Tokyo!