Six Bridal Beauty Essentials

“The key to avoiding wedding day beauty emergencies is planning ahead” explains the bridal beauty experts from the We couldn’t agree more! Be sure to pack these six beauty essentials in a small makeup bag that can be easily accessed in between the ceremony, pictures and the reception:

1. Water Resistant Mascara - It’s natural to get a little emotional on your wedding day so it’s best to be prepared. With Water Resistant Mascara you can feel free to shed a few tears during your vows or the maid of honor’s speech without looking streaky.
2. Moist Hydration Mist - The perfect pick me up after a ceremony in the sun or a dance marathon, Moist Hydration mist is a must-have to feel refreshed and renewed.
3. Extra Lip Product - Whether you pick a nude or a red lip remember to keep an extra lip color handy to avoid fading throughout the day.
4. Radiant Fix Hairspray - Avoid unruly frizz and flyaways by keeping Radiant Fix Hairspray available for quick hair touch ups.  
5. Luxury Hand Cream - Between holding hands with your new hubby, carrying your bouquet and shaking hands with guests at your reception- your hands can go through a lot on your wedding day! Keep them soft and moisturized with Luxury Hand Cream.
6. Protecting Powder SPF 30- If you’re planning on an outside ceremony or photo session
don’t forget to apply SPF throughout the day!

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