Friday, June 14, 2013

Ami Approved: Sheer Tint Base

As a freckle-faced girl, I have a constant internal debate on whether or not I should try to cover my “angel-kisses” (what grandpas around the world loving call freckles) or let them show.  This is also a question that I hear a lot from my clients during this time of year when those lentigines (freckles) tend to poke through. The answer comes down to your own personal preference but I often find that covering freckles can look cakey or unnatural with heavier foundation formulations. That’s why I turn to my glominerals Sheer Tint Base when I’m looking for a little coverage but still want my freckles to show!
glominerals Sheer Tint Base is a great way to achieve a fresh, clear complexion. It provides your skin with dewey, lightweight coverage and evens out skin tone for flawless, healthy looking skin. Infused with glominerals exclusive blend of vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea Extract, Sheer Tint Base provides vitamin and antioxidant protection from free radical damage and inflammation. It comes in a number of diverse shades from the always popular golden medium to our Sheer Tint Illuminator (a beautiful slightly luminescent shade of pink). For a gorgeous, dewy look mix in a bit of glominerals Sheer Tint Illuminator with a traditional Sheer Tint Base  for an even more vibrant healthy glo.  For a light coverage and a beautiful, radiant finish -Sheer Tint Base is Ami Approved.

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