glo How-To: Define Your Brows

As all wise beauty gurus know, a well-groomed and defined eyebrow can really frame the face and complete a look. Since our eyebrows are as unique to us as the shape of our lips or color of our eyes, we’ve created the Brow Collection kit to help you define your perfect brow. This customizable kit comes in taupe or brown and makes defining your brows simple. Just follow these easy steps, as modeled by National Educator Janeena, and create your perfect brow.
eyebrow tutorial glominerals

Step 1- Choose the stencil that best compliments your face shape, and shows as much of your natural brow in the cutout of the stencil as possible* .

Step 2- Hold stencil of choice over brow and apply customized brow powder with Angled Brow Brush.
Step 3- Remove the stencil and brush through brows with spoolie brush. (The spoolie brush can also be used to soften color and groom unruly brows.)
Step 4- Tweeze any hair not in defined brow.
Step 5- Lightly deposit a minimal amount of eyebrow wax onto the Angled Brow Brush and brush over brows to maintain shape.
Step 6- Enhance the arches of eyebrows and open up the eye by patting the highlighter under brow bone. ( Place highlighter on the inner corner of eyes for a more dramatic look.)  This can be done on top of or under eye shadow.
*Expert Tip: To find the correct placement for the stencil hold the angled brow brush vertically from the center of the nostril to find the starting point of your brow. The starting line marked on the stencil should lay vertical at the head of your brow, the middle line indicates the center of the brow and the arching point. The end line should indicate your eyebrows stopping point.

glominerals Brow Collection

This travel-size kit comes with the following tools:
1) Angled Brow Brush
2) Spoolie Brush
3) Tweezers
4) Mirrored Compact with 2 brow powders, brow wax and highlighter

5) 4 Brow Stencils

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