Q&A with Kate: Perfecting Powder v. Finishing Powder

Hi Kate! Can you explain the difference between the Perfecting Powder and the Matte Finishing Powder?

Which One Is Right for You? Perfecting Powder or Matte Finishing Powder

Kate: There are many different types of setting powders out there but allow me to introduce my personal favorite setting powder- glominerals Perfecting Powder. I use this on a daily basis to help keep oil at bay, and keep my makeup in place.  So which formula of finishing powder is right for you?

Perfecting Powder is a clay base, translucent pressed powder. This means that this powder does not deposit any color on your skin. It simply absorbs any excess oil, adds protection and keeps your makeup in place (especially during these hot summer months). This powder is your multi-use setting powder and it works for all for all skin types.  Perfecting Powder is also great when used to set a dramatic eye look or everyday eyeliner. Start by using an Eye Blender Brush and tap Perfecting Powder on top of your liner to ensure it does not transfer onto your lid during the day.
The Matte Finishing Powder is a rice base with maximum oil absorbing abilities. This product does deposit color, meaning a little bit of warmth is applied to the skin. For those with extremely oily skin, this is the powder for you!

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