What's Your Summer Love?

What's Your Summer Love?

Summer love is always a special kind of love. We’ve picked 5 products for summer that we can’t - and won’t live without this summer!

1) Product: Bronze in sunkiss
Price: $40
Why We love it: A faux tan is the only healthy tan and this bronzer delivers the perfect faux glo!

2) Product: Volumizing Breast Cream
Price: $65
Why We Love It: Looking for a little extra confidence before you shed your layers at the beach? This cream enhances curves for a youthful look!

3) Product: Protecting Powder SPF 30
Price: $41
Why We Love It: This convenient product delivers powerful protection in a powder form!

4) Product: Clear Complexion Pads
Price: $36
Why We Love It: Throw these in your pool bag for easy access after a day in the sun and quickly clear your skin of unwanted bacteria.

5) Product: Water Resistant SPF 45
Price: $30
Why We Love It: The water resistant formula is perfect for your active, summer lifestyle!

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