Friday, July 12, 2013

Ami Approved: Take It Off!

Guest Post by gloProfessional’s National Educator, Ami Shvartzman.

glominerals eye makeup remover

Eye makeup remover might not be as much fun as a bright new lipstick, but removing eye makeup is an essential part of my evening regimen (as it should be for anyone who is a regular makeup wearer). Taking off your makeup should be a pre-bedtime priority which is why it is so important to have a good eye makeup remover. An eye makeup remover needs to be gentle (so you’re not tugging around that sensitive eye area causing premature wrinkling) yet strong enough to completely remove eye makeup (so you don’t wake up with raccoon eyes, begin to lose your lashes or worse wake up with yesterday’s cat eye still on and a blemish in your eye area!).  
glo Eye Makeup Remover is the perfect combination of both strong and mild. It is very gentle (it has been tested by both dermatologists and opthamologists) but it also very effectively removes the multiple layers of mascara and eyeliner I tend to apply without leaving a trace of residue. This oil-free formulation can be used all over the face as well without causing irritation. To whisk away your makeup at the end of the day just saturate that cotton ball with a bit of glo’s Ami Approved Eye Makeup Remover!

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