What's On Your Beauty Shelf?

glo makeup and skincare

Name: Cass Murray
Department: Corporate Recruiter (check out our current openings!)
Skin Type: Oily/ Combination

Morning Skin Care Routine: I'm over 40 and never worked in the industry before joining glo. I've learned a lot about my skin, mostly to be gentle! I use Daily Polishing Cleanser to exfoliate and Pure Hydration to keep my skin fresh throughout the day as I tend to get shiny by mid-morning. Oil Free SPF 40+ is my life saver in the mile high city! I use Pressed Base in natural light to give my skin an extra layer against the damaging rays. I also spritz Moist Hydration Mist to set my base and throughout the day and when Denver’s dry climate has my skin wishing for a drink of moisture!

Evening Skin Care Routine: I've damaged my skin in the past by worshipping the sun so I wash the day away with gentle Purifying Gel Cleanser and apply Retinol CS. I love the idea of a natural botanical skin brightener combined with the power of Retinol and Glycolic Acid to improve my skin tone and texture while I sleep.

Hair Care Routine: My naturally curly, frizzy hair loves this dry climate as long as I keep it in check with Intense Replenish Hydro- Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair is fine but full of body so I control fly aways and add instant shine with Infinite Shine Smoothing Oil. A tiny bit goes a long way!

Can’t Live Without Products: Moisture is so vital to healthy skin so Moist Hydration Mist is a MUST HAVE in this desert climate but I can't live without my Infinite Shine Smoothing Oil, or my Oil Free SPF 40+ Sunscreen that prevents damage from the sun. Honestly, I just can't live without any of my glo products!

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