All New Fall 2013: Cyto-luxe Body Lotion

cyto-luxe body lotion

The latest addition to the Cyto-luxe collection takes phytostem technology to the body. Cyto-Luxe Body Lotion leverages the same core technology and advanced anti-aging ingredients found in all Cyto-luxe products to achieve ageless skin on the body.

This elegantly-formulated anti-aging body moisturizer soothes skin and delivers necessary antioxidants to arms, legs and chest for smoother, firmer skin. Powerful peptides penetrate deeply to help promote collagen production, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tone skin. Oat Kernel Extract, which is derived from organically farmed oats, adheres to the skin to form a continuous and cohesive lifting film. Clinical studies showed skin firming within two hours of application and an anti-wrinkle effect after 28 days of twice daily applications.

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