Friday, September 27, 2013

Ami Approved: Cyto-Luxe Body Lotion

We so often focus on moisturizing and hydrating our faces but what about the rest of the body?
There is nothing more luxurious than stepping out of a steamy shower and applying a rich body moisturizer to nourish and protect your skin.

That’s why the Cyto-Luxe Body Lotion is my new favorite! It is a true luxury product because it has ingredients that not only condition the skin but provide anti-aging benefits as well. Ingredients like Distinctive Phytostem Centella, also known as Gotu Kola, which is referred to as the “Fountain of Youth.” It is even used in Chinese, African and Ayuervedic medicines to help hydrate and reduce free radical damage! The Cyto-Luxe Body Lotion also contains Syn-Coll or Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide (which helps stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production),  Evening Primrose Oil for smoother and more supple skin and Shea Butter to heal and moisturize. The Cyto-Luxe Body Lotion also contains essential oils for a delightful scent. For a fast absorbing body moisturizer that firms and tones by stimulating collagen synthesis-  Cyto-Luxe Body Lotion is Ami Approved.
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