glo How-To: 70's Beauty Icon

Can you guess which style icon served as Ami’s inspiration when creating this 70’s look? If you guessed the one-and-only Cher, you are correct (see the inspiration image here)! Cher managed to re-establish her status as a beauty icon in every decade since the 1960’s but we particularly love her look in the 1970’s. Her long black hair, perfectly bold eyebrows and gorgeous eyelashes set her apart then and make her a beauty icon that still inspires us today.

To create this Cher inspired look (hello great Halloween idea!) Ami followed these steps:

Step 1: Apply the foundation of your choice -and conceal with Camouflage Oil Free Concealer.
Step 2: Overarch your natural brow using the Brow Collection.
Step 3: Apply Lid Primer then Eye Shadow in diamond all over lid.
Step 4: Using the Mini Crease Brush draw a black line in the arch of the crease with Eye Shadow in sable (this can be blended with Eye Shadow in twig if necessary but make sure to keep the bottom of the lid clean).
Step 5: Apply Precision Eye Pencil in black to both your top and bottom lash line while keeping the line thicker on the outer corner.
Step 6: Apply lots and lots of Water Resistant Mascara.
Step 7: Contour the face with a Pressed Base shade that’s two shades darker than your natural color.
Step 8: Highlight the tops of the cheekbones using the Shimmer Brick in gleam.
Step 9: Apply the Precision Lip Pencil in cedar and top it off with Lipstick in sugar plum.