Holiday 2013: Cyto-luxe Collection

The new limited edition Cyto-Luxe Collection delivers the ultimate in luxury skin care in one beautifully-wrapped package. Indulge with three products designed to dramatically refine skin tone and texture- Cyto-luxe Cleanser, Cyto-Luxe Mask and Cyto-luxe Body Lotion. Each product harnesses the power and beauty of phytostem technology to revive, lift and tighten your skin.

Formulated with the ultimate combination of cutting edge actives, including plant stem cells, firming peptides and reparative antioxidants, this decadent trio works to promote smoother, softer skin. And now is the ideal time to start a new routine for gorgeous results in time for the holidays. In addition to the three full sized products the collection also includes an exclusive Mask Applicator. Get ready to pamper yourself this holiday season- your skin will thank you for it!

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