Friday, November 1, 2013

Ami Approved: Cyto-luxe Collection

I love giving gifts. Sometimes I think I like giving gifts even more than I like receiving them. There is one gift in particular that I just can’t wait to give someone (*cough, mom I hope you’re not reading this) for the holidays this year! The gift of fantastic skin!

glo therapeutics launched a limited edition kit, with not just any products but three of our top products in our anti-aging Cyto-luxe line! This kit, named the Cyto-luxe Collection, contains skin and body products formulated with cutting edge active ingredients that are meant to change and enhance the skin. The kit includes a Cyto-luxe Cleanser, which is a luxurious, creamy anti-aging cleanser that emulsifies when water is added to remove any impurities or superficial debris, Cyto-luxe Body Lotion, which is a delightfully soft anti-aging treatment lotion, and The Cyto-luxe Mask, which is a beautiful, rejuvenating platinum mask that helps to restore elasticity and plumpness. In addition, the Cyto-luxe Collection also comes with an adorable little applicator for the mask! I can't wait to give the gift of younger, smoother and revived skin. This collection is Ami Approved!
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