glo How-To: Job Interview Beauty Tips

Job Interview Beauty Tips

A job interview can be a nerve wracking experience regardless of the amount of time you’ve spent preparing. The pressure to come across as professional and qualified can seem daunting but getting ready for your interview doesn’t have to be. A lot of research has been done about the importance of physical appearance during a job interview. Though specific advice varies,one thing that is agreed upon is that confidence is key. It’s important to let your natural, confident personality shine through. Here are our beauty tips to help you get interview ready!

1) Do Your Research - Do your best to learn as much about the dress code as possible before your interview. For those of you interviewing for a corporate job, it might be best to keep your makeup classic, while those of you interviewing for a creative job might get away with a trendy berry lip. If you are unsure of the environment, it’s best to err on the safe side.Take a cue from this look that Janeena created. It’s both pretty and professional!  

Step 1: Apply Pressed Base using the Ultra Brush for medium coverage. 
Step 2: Apply Cream Blush in fig to cheekbones. 
Step 3: Using the Cream Shadow Quad from the Limited Edition Red Carpet Collection, apply dawn on your lid then earth in the crease and lower lashline. Step 4: Apply two coats of Water Resistant Mascara
Step 5: Apply Gloss in naked.

2) Avoid Distractions- One rule of thumb we always suggest for an interview is to keep distractions to a minimum. You want your future employer to be listening to what you're saying, not staring at your dangly earrings, glittery eye shadow or a bit of smeared lipstick on your teeth. Keeping things simple helps direct all attention to your great ideas. We like these pretty studs which add a little personality without creating a distraction.

3) Postpone Experiments- Feeling comfortable and confident is the most important thing to consider when getting ready for an interview so it’s probably not the time to experiment with the new look you’ve been dying to try. Instead, apply the makeup that makes you feel most like you.  That way you will feel comfortable and that confidence will come across!

4) Polish is Important- Looking polished and professional can go a long way. Some easy ways to look polished include keeping your nails clean and tidy (choose a neutral polish and make sure it’s chip-free), wearing shoes that are free from scuffs and styling your hair so that it’s free of of fly-aways and unwanted frizz. Infinite Shine Smoothing Oil will help you get flawless, frizz-free hair that will help you look put together from head to toe.

What are your beauty tips when preparing for an interview?