2014 Skincare Resolution #1: Create a Routine

skincare resolutions: create a routine

It’s the time of year when we all start thinking about our new year resolutions. Here at glo we’ve compiled a list of skincare resolutions that we are vowing to follow this year to help us get the healthy, glowing skin of our dreams. We are also making it easy for you to get the products you need to achieve your goals with our Skincare Resolution Sale! The sale is going on now, while supplies last, and offers up to 30% off top-selling skincare products. The first resolution we are making is to create a skincare routine and stick with it!

When it comes to making a noticeable difference in our skin, it’s important to develop a consistent routine. Applying an eye cream every once-and-awhile or occasionally using a serum won't give you the dramatic results you are looking for. It could take several weeks to see results so it’s very important to be consistent.

In general, a healthy skincare routine consists of cleansing and using a tonic to remove dirt and buildup. Follow this step with a serum and moisturizer then end with an eye cream. Adding a mask and exfoliant a couple times a week is also a great addition to your routine.  We suggest trying to stick with your routine for a whole month (no cheating!) and see how your skin feels. By the end of the month your routine will be a habit and you’ll have glowing skin to show for it!

Take a peek at our Skincare Resolution Sale here and stayed tuned for our next resolution!