2014 Skincare Resolution #3: Tackle Skin Concerns

Make 2014 the year you resolve to tackle your skin concerns. Whether you want to clear acneic skin, brighten dark sunspots, conceal chronic redness or reduce the appearance of fine lines- this is the year to make a breakthrough and begin to love your skin.  We suggest investing in products that are tailor made to target your specific concern and then, following resolution #1, stick with a consistent routine.

Most skin issues take time to treat so patience is important! To help you tackle your skin concerns, we recommend visiting your local glo provider.  A dermatologist or esthetician can work with you to achieve your skincare resolutions with professional treatments and tailored product recommendations*. Healthy skin is important so we hope you strive to tackle those skin concerns and make 2014 your skin’s best year yet.

*Call 1-800-232-0398 to find a recommended skincare professional near you.