All About the Eyes: Dark Under Eye Circles

What cause dark under eye circles

What Causes Dark Under Eye Circles? Dark under eye circles are caused by high concentrations of dark pigmentation under the eyes. The amount of pigmentation is different for each individual and can be influenced by age, genetic predisposition and race. Lifestyle factors, like lack of sleep, diet and stress, can also contribute to darker pigmentation under the eyes. Unfortunately, because the skin under the eyes is thinner, this pigmentation  is more likely to show through- especially as we age. As the skin under our eyes gets thinner more pigmentation tends to show through. Also, when we are tired or dehydrated our skin loses its plumpness which causes the already thin skin to look even thinner, thus revealing more pigment.

Preventing Dark Under Eye Circles - For those with a genetic predisposition for darker pigmentation, preventing under eye circles can be a difficult task. Staying hydrated and getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep are both great ways to help prevent under eye circles. Using products that focus on plumping and moisturizing the under eye area will also help keep the skin under the eye healthy. Eye Restore contains active ingredients that help enhance collagen and elastin production which helps increase skin’s thickness.

Treating Dark Under Eye Circles: There are several advanced treatments that can be performed by dermatologists and estheticians to help dark under eye circles.  At home treatments can also be very effective for treating dark under eye circles. We recommend starting with Eye Fix Revitalizing Treatment. Its active ingredients help hold moisture in the epidermis which keeps the area under your eye plump.  7.5% Eye Gel has brightening actives to help improve dark under eye circles and brighten the under eye area while also fighting the signs of aging. Mineral makeup is also a great way to cover the issue. It’s important to use makeup that won't dry out or irritate this sensitive area. glo minerals Under Eye Concealer and Brightener Highlight Concealer are both great options that cover dark circles while providing your skin with pharmaceutical grade ingredients and powerful antioxidants.