Friday, December 20, 2013

Ami Approved: Super Serum

Guest post by glo National Educator, Ami Shvartzman

When it came to writing this week’s Ami Approved there was one product that I knew I just absolutely had to rave about. In fact, I can’t believe I haven’t gushed about it yet because it’s so powerful we had to give it a special “super” label. Yes, I’m talking about our Super Serum!
The Super Serum is the original all-inclusive anti-aging product in the glotherapeutics line and it’s the ultimate anti-ager! With peptides like Argireline,  Matrixyl 300 and Ogliopeptides, this serum helps reduce wrinkle depth and helps stimulate collagen growth. Epidermal Growth Factor also helps stimulate tissue repair and strengthen the skin while  Antioxidants, Retinol and Glycosominoglycans help slow down the aging process! This serum works well for all skin types and delivers instant gratification. Your skin will feel firmer and look bright and luminous right after application! For an anti-aging (and preventative) serum that I just can’t live without, the Super Serum is Ami Approved!

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