glo Skin Care How-To: Holiday-Ready Skin

If bright, glowing skin is on your holiday wish list, now is the time to start working towards your goal. Kick start the process with a facial or peel at your favorite glo salon or spa (to find a service provider near you call 1-800-232-0398). We love the Platinum Experience Facial which smooths, softens and revitalizes your skin with plant stem cell technology. Featuring age-fighting and reparative Cyto-luxe products, this facial also includes the Flower Enzyme exfoliant, which is effective while being gentle enough for use on sensitive skin, and the moisturizing, aromatic Orange Tea Massage Cream that adds to your relaxation experience. This luxurious facial also makes a great gift!

After booking your treatment, it’s important to focus on at-home treatments that promote balance during the holiday season. When our diets and exercise routines are disrupted, it’s important to keep your skincare routine consistent. Here is a suggested daily routine to help you get glowing skin for the holidays!

AM Routine
1) Cleanse- Start your day with a mild exfoliant such as the Daily Polishing Cleanser. This cleanser will remove buildup but is gentle enough to use everyday.

2) Tone- Follow with a toner such as Purifying Tonic or Conditioning Tonic to refresh your skin!

3) Take Your Vitamins- Adding Vitamin C to your routine is an important step for brighter, vibrant skin! Follow with B5 Hydration for added benefits!

4) Moisturize (with an SPF)- Add Oil Free SPF 40 to your favorite moisturizer (both Conditioning Hydration Cream and Oil Free Moisturizer are top sellers!). This will protect your skin from winter’s stealthy UV rays!

PM Routine
1) Cleanse- We love using the luxurious Cyto-luxe Cleanser at night because, not only does it smell amazing, it’s moisturizing and removes makeup beautifully!

2) Serums- Depending on your current skin concerns, adding a serum 3-5 nights a week is extremely important. If you want to target fine lines and wrinkles the Cyto-luxe Serum will be your best friend. Looking to brighten your skin? Renew Serum and Brightening Serum are both great options. Read more about our Serums and their unique benefits here.

3) Moisturize- Night time is a great time to really amp up on moisture. Heavier creams like Vita E Essential Cream or Moisture Rich Cream work well at night because your bare skin will really be able to absorb their active ingredients.

4) Specialize- Now is the time to focus on specialized products to help fix specific problem areas. Our favorites include the Eye Restore which helps target puffy eyes and Lip Revival which adds moisture back to dry lips.

With the right products and a consistent routine, beautifully glowing skin is within reach for the holidays!

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