Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bridal Beauty: How To Cover a Tattoo

The big day is fast approaching you are probably consumed with planning every detail of your wedding: the seating chart, honeymoon flights, party favors... the list goes on. If figuring out how to cover up an unwanted tattoo is on your to-do list, we are here to help! Here are 9 simple steps to follow to help minimize the appearance of your tattoo.

1) Use the Precision Eye Pencil in peach to cover any dark outlines of the tattoo.

2 and 3) Use the Corrective Camouflage Kit to start building coverage over the darkest areas. Use the yellow shade to cover dark red, black, blue and purple. The mint shade covers red and lavender will help cover yellow, greys and greens. Use the neutral shade to help blend.

4) Use Protective Liquid Foundation and the Liquid Foundation Brush to cover the entire tattoo and blend.

5) Apply Redness Relief Powder to the entire area using an Ultra Brush.

6) Apply Loose Base with a Finishing Sponge for heavier coverage over the tattoo.

7) Spray with Brush Cleaner to set the powders.

8) Touch up any dark areas with the Precision Eye Pencil in peach.  

9) Finish with Loose Base on top in a slightly darker color.

Monday, April 29, 2013

gloProfessional How-To: Fake 8 Hours of Sleep

There’s a reason we call a good night’s rest “beauty sleep.” When we are well rested our eyes and complexion simply look brighter. However, we know all too well that sometimes getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep just isn't possible. You can avoid the dreaded “You look tired today” comment by following these 7 easy steps to fake 8 hours of sleep.

1) Look on the Bright Side- After washing your face, exfoliate using glo therapeutics Brightening Polish. This light scrub removes dead skin cells to enhance your skin’s natural brightness.

2) Hydrate- Hydration is key to healthy, glowing skin. So gulp down a glass of water and apply B5 Hydration to your skin. B5 Hydration restores moisture to the skin's surface, creating a healthier, plumper appearance.

3) Play It Cool- Next, apply Eye Fix Revitalizing Treatment to the area under your eyes. The cool metal ball applicator will help constrict blood vessels, which in turn helps reduce puffiness and the appearance of under eye bags.

4) Reach for the Light- Continue to focus on the undereye area by applying a light reflecting eye treatment such as Eye Revitalize.  The light-reflecting minerals can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and brighten the eyes.

5) Get In Line- Using a flesh tone eyeliner is another way to combat one of the most common signs of tired eyes: redness around the rims of your lower eyelids. Hide the redness by applying the Precision Eye Pencil in peach around the inner corners of your eyes.  

6) Open and Define- Mascara will be your eye’s best friend on mornings where a little extra something is needed. Lash Boosting Mascara will help give the illusion that your eyes are larger which translates to awake.

7) A Little Distraction- If all else fails we recommend creating a distraction from tired eyes with a beautiful, bold lip. Drawing attention to your mouth will give your eyes a welcome break as the center of attention. Plus, maybe adding a happy, bold color to your lips is just what you need to feel energized and awake!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Ami Approved: Oil Free Moisturizer

glo therapeutics oil free moisturizer

I am just so elated by the return of the sun! Hotter weather means that I can finally leave the house without a coat and frolic about the neighborhood in a sundress. Unfortunately, warmer weather can sometimes cause even the most normal of skin types to start producing significantly more oil and perspiration. This puts quite a damper on the bliss of springtime. For those with combination or oily skin, having a great oil free moisturizer is a must in order to avoid looking like an oil spill occurred on your forehead by mid afternoon!  But how exciting would it be if that oil-free moisturizer did more than just hydrate your skin? Did you say way more exciting?!

glo therapeutics Oil Free Moisturizer does exactly that. A wonderful silky lightweight moisturizer, it has a slight light blue color, clean scent and lightly moisturizes and hydrates normal to oily/combination skin types. Oil Free Moisturizer contains Hyaluronic Acid (one of my favorite ingredients!) which is a powerful water binder that can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Hyaluronic Acid is hydrating without being heavy! It also has Vitamin E, a spectacular antioxidant, which is also an anti-inflammatory. In addition, Oil Free Moisturizer contains Algae Extract, which makes the skin more radiant, and Malachite Extract, another great antioxidant that helps to increase collagen and elastin in the skin. For a lightweight moisturizer designed for normal to oily and combination skin types, the Oil Free Moisturizer is Ami Approved.

Love Bronze in sunkiss? Try Shimmer Brick in luster!

We love our loyal glo fans for many reasons including how passionate you are about your favorite glo products. In celebration of your dedication and devotion, we have put together some product pairs to help you expand your glo horizons. In the coming weeks we’ll be suggesting new products to try based on some of our top-sellers. They’ll be similar in use to the paired top-seller but different enough to add a little something extra to your look! Maybe one of these products will become a new go-to in your beauty routine!

If you are a big fan of Bronze in sunkiss we suggest giving Shimmer Brick in luster a try, too! Shimmer Brick in luster gives you an all-over bronzed glo and adds an iridescence which looks great on all skin tones. Plus, it doubles as a gorgeous eye shadow palette.

glo minerals bronzer

Thursday, April 25, 2013

What's On Your Beauty Shelf?

beauty products glo therapeutics

Name: Kelsey
Department: Marketing
Skin Type: Dry, sensitive

Morning Skin Care Routine: In the morning I really like to focus on moisture and hydration because my skin tends to dry out throughout the day. I wash my face with Conditioning Milk Cleanser (which smells so lovely!) and follow with Conditioning Tonic. I use 15% Vitamin C and follow with Advanced B5 Hydration. The B5 is new to my routine, and I'm loving it! I apply Conditioning Hydration Cream and follow with Oil Free SPF 40+ to protect my fair skin from the sun. After that, I am fresh and ready for my makeup!

Evening Skin Care Routine: In the evening I'm focused on washing the day away. After removing my makeup with glo minerals Makeup Remover, I wash the day off with Daily Polishing Cleanser. Whenever I experience breakouts, I grab my Clear Acne Cleanser for a second cleanse. I follow with 
for a calming, cooling burst of freshness, and then apply
. Just before bed, I pop on some Lip Revival and turn out the lights.

Makeup (or Hair Care) Routine: To keep my dry, curly hair in check, I wash my hair every other day with Moisture Enhance Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. Once a week I will use Intense Recovery Conditioning Mask for an added moisture boost. After towel drying my hair, I use Style Defining Cream to give my hair a medium, touchable hold. Before diffusing with my blow dryer, I apply Extreme Heat Protecting Serum - can't forget that step! After touching up my curls with my curling wand, I lightly mist my hair with Radiant Fix Hairspray in Medium Hold and finish off with a touch of Infinite Shine Smoothing Oil to smooth any flyaways. Then I'm ready to start my day!

Can’t Live Without Products: I never thought I'd say a sunscreen is a favorite product, but 
is non-greasy and sets very nicely into my skin. I also cannot live without Re-Energize Dry Shampoo! I prefer to wash my hair every other day, so it's great for freshening up in between washes. This dry shampoo eliminates oil without weighing down my hair. Another recent favorite is Infinite Shine Smoothing Oil. I have always avoided hair serums because of their tendency to weigh down my hair, but infinite shine is very light and makes my hair soft to the touch.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Q&A with Kate McCarthy: Daytime Smoky Eye

Hi Kate: I love a great, dramatic smoky eye but I've been noticing a softer, more daytime appropriate version this season. How do I create a daytime smoky eye?

Kate McCarthy:
A daytime smoky eye, also known as a blonde smoky eye, is one of my favorite looks. Follow these steps to create a simple yet gorgeous daytime look:

1) Line your upper lash line using the Jeweled Eye Pencil in bejeweled bronze.
2) Using the Smudge Brush, smoke the lid color from the Metallic Smoky Eye Kit onto the lid.
3) Swipe the crease color from the Metallic Smoky Eye Kit on lash line.
4) Highlight your brow bone with Eye Shadow in diamond.
5) Use the lid color from the Metallic Smoky Eye Kit and apply using the Smudge Brush to your lower lash line.
6) Load up your lashes with Lash Boosting Mascara

** Looks great with Blush in paradise and Lipstick in socialite.

Sunkissed and Smart

glo minerals Bronzer

This season, be sunkissed and smart and achieve a bronzed glo sans the sun! Our beloved Bronzes will give you all over color or can be used to create a highlighted and contoured effect. Read these reviews for more information: 

"Love the color! It is the perfect shade of bronze and great for contouring. I have been using this bronzer for years now and it is the only bronzer I wear year round." - Alyssa, Online Review

"I love this bronzer! It gives me the contour and light I need on my face!" - Jess, Online Review

Friday, April 19, 2013

Ami Approved: Alloy Eyes Collection, Tutorials for Eyes

My beauty bag is a mini version of my beauty closet. That’s right, rather than a makeup drawer I have a closet which also tends to leak into the kitchen (I may have a problem with beauty products!).  It’s an overflowing mass of makeup, skin care products, hair care products, accessories, mists, brushes and smoke and mirrors (for added illusion). This can be a bit overwhelming at times so I am always searching for ways to simplify my beauty regimen.  I am quite a fan of one-stop-shopping products, one of my favorites being the glo minerals’ Alloy Eyes Collection!

The Alloy Eyes Collection is a compilation of 8 gorgeous eye shadows. Four of the shadows in the kit are matte and four of them are shimmery metallics - making it extremely versatile. When paired with the glo minerals’ Lid Primer, it’s the perfect palette for all ages and eye colors! From a pretty day look to a sultry smoky eye, you can really do it all with this Ami Approved kit (including eyebrows in a pinch)!

For a stunningly simple day look: Apply Lid Primer then use buff all over the eye from lashes to brows, then use cappuccino in the crease and blend with universe. Define lash line with a bit of enigma.

For a sassy night- time smoky eye look: Apply Lid Primer and then lay tuxedo down on lid from lashes to crease to form as a base. Pack jet on top to enhance color and blend with cappuccino and universe in the crease to add dimension. Use buff to highlight brow bone and silver streak to highlight the inner corner of the eye!  Enhance this look further by lining the upper and lower water lines with the Precision Eye Pencil in black or Cream Eyeliner in ebony and add a TON of Lash Boosting Mascara.

For a lovely brow color for dark haired ladies mix a bit of cappuccino in with tuxedo, for lighter hair give cappuccino a try by itself with the Dual Brow Brush.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ingredients Matter: Hyaluronic Acid

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

About Hyaluronic Acid:  

Hyaluronic Acid is a substance found throughout the human body (in eyes, and connective tissue) as a lubricant, and forms of it are used in the cosmetic industry as a dermal filler when injected. When applied directly to the skin, it acts as a powerful skin hydrator.

Why We Love It:

We love Hyaluronic Acid because it delivers and maintains water hydration to protect against free radical damage caused by environmental aggressors.
It holds 1000 times its weight in water and prevents transepidermal water loss.

Good to know— Hyaluronic Acid works wonders for all skin types including pre & post treatment, dehydrated, mature and oily skin.

glo therapeutics products that contain Hyaluronic Acid:

B5 Hydration, $57, 1 oz.
Pure Hydration, $46, 1 0z.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Q&A with Kate: Non-Comedogenic Makeup

Hi Kate: What does non-comedogenic mean?
Kate: Products that are non-comedogenic (also referred to as non-occlusive) do not clog pores and are free of ingredients that would cause breakouts! What does this means for you?
Wearing makeup that is non-comedogenic is the best thing you can do for your skin! It is important that your skin always receives oxygen and be clear of ingredients that could potentially cause breakouts or irritation. Your makeup shouldn’t feel like a latex mask! Try glo minerals Pressed Base to keep your skin clear, breathing and healthy!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Looking for a BB Cream? Try Sheer Tint Base!

BB Cream Sheer Tint Base

With their nourishing and hydrating properties, BB Creams are a beauty must-have. Sheer Tint Base has all the same great benefits of a BB cream!

-Covers and corrects.
-Protects the skin keeping it radiant and healthy.
-Formulated with an exclusive antioxidant blend of
Vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea Extract.
-Provides nutrients vital to maintaining skin’s healthy radiance.

Read what others have to say about Sheer Tint Base:

“I have very sensitive rosacea skin. This is the only makeup I can wear. Every other product I have tried made my skin itch and burn, but not this line. Very nice coverage without being overly done.”  Online Review, Luci

“This is hands down the best tinted moisturizer i have ever used. This moisturizer is very safe to use for acne prone skin. It is light feeling but has medium coverage.” Online Review, AgeCole

“This is my favorite foundation! It's clean, sheer and doesn't feel heavy on my skin. I'm 46 and need a little more evening out of my complection... and this does it! It give just enough coverage with out looking like I'm wearing a foundation at all! I also love that is has sun protection!” Online Review, Shannon

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ami Approved: Lip Revival

Ami Approved: Lip Revival

I have something a little odd to get off my chest. While some women daydream of acquiring fame and fortune, I daydream of full lips. I have a bad case of lip envy when it comes to the pouts  of Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson because I believe that there is nothing more beautiful than a great set of luscious kissers.  Your lips can say a lot without even making a sound.  I feel so fortunate that the genius product development department at gloProfessional took heed and created a product to help me achieve the dream of bigger fuller more hydrated rich lips (without any needles or knives) with glo therapeutics Lip Revival!
glo therapeutics Lip Revival is a treatment that was designed to hydrate lips and increase collagen production. Lip Revival contains several active ingredients like Aquaphyline (which is an intense moisturizer that comes from wild daisy) Voluplus (a unique active found in nutmeg that is also the main ingredient in the Volumizing Breast Cream), and solubilized in macadamia oil. Voluplus is truly an amazing ingredient. It helps to increase the density of adipose fat tissue for a volumizing effect. Lip Revival also contains Maxi-Lip which is a peptide designed to stimulate collagen.  Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter also moisturize and smooth the lips!

As an added bonus, Lip Revival has an incredible delicious peppermint taste!  Magnify your mouth by using the Lip Revival treatment morning and evening for fuller, smoother, Ami Approved lips!

Note: The Lip Revival is a treatment cream and it may take 2-3 weeks to see results.
Pump Up the Volume:

Make lips appear larger by doing the following…
1.       Line and fill in mouth with glo minerals Precision Eye Pencil in peach to neutralize the natural lip line.
2.       Top with a nude-y gloss (my favorite is glo minerals Gloss in pink blossom, whisper or starstruck)
3.       Massage a bit of a great nude lipstick on top (like glo minerals Lipstick in bella, blush or natural)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's On Your Beauty Shelf?

Name: Anna De La Cruz
Department: Marketing
Skin Type: Oily and sensitive (a tricky combination!)

Morning Skin Care Routine: My focus in the morning is to refresh and protect my skin. I start with Purifying Gel Cleanser and follow with Purifying Tonic. I consider this my "refreshing/hydrating" step. Next, I add some much needed moisture to my skin with Advanced B5 Hydration and Oil Free Moisturizer followed by  Oil Free SPF 40+ (ALWAYS!).

Evening Skin Care Routine: My skin care focus in  the evening is to remove the day and to refine and treat my skin. I cleanse again with the Purifying Gel Cleanser. One to two times a week I also use an exfoliant and a mask such as Daily Polishing Cleaner and Soothing Gel Mask. I try to do both the same night to get the most benefit. In the evenings I also apply Renew Serum before my Oil Free Moisturizer and finish with Eye Restore. If I need to treat blemishes I will spot treat with Clear Anti-Blemish Treatment. This is a must-have for everyone!

Makeup (or Hair Care) Routine: My hair care routine consists of shampooing and conditioning with the Volume Infusion Lift Enhancing duo. I follow that with the Reparative Keratin Leave-In Treatment and Infinite Shine Smoothing Oil. I keep my  makeup light and natural with Pressed Base, Blush, Gloss and Mascara!

Can’t Live Without Products: I can’t live without Advanced B5 Hydration! It gives your skin an instant drink of water and alleviates any tightness caused by dry skin. It’s also a great prep for makeup! Renew Serum is another  must for my oily/sensitive skin. It lightly exfoliates and smooths without any irritation. I also take sun protection seriously and wear Oil Free SPF 40+ every day! Another favorite is Infinite Shine Smoothing Oil. My hair has never been softer and it lightly detangles making this the ultimate morning hair product!  My most recent glo minerals obsession is Gloss. There are so many shades, so little time! I love the light feel and the wonderful conditioning formula. Right now I'm hooked on blushing! I also love Water Resistant Mascara and Matte Perfecting Powder!

Bridal Beauty Countdown: Tips for Healthy Hair

Bridal Beauty Countdown: Tips for Healthy Hair

For most brides, picking the right hairstyle for their big day is high on the list of priorities. Whether you want an elegant updo, long cascading curls or something in between- having healthy, shiny hair is crucial to completing the overall look. Here are our tips for prepping your luxurious locks for the big day.

Use a Deep Conditioning Treatment
In the months leading up to your wedding day, use a deep conditioning treatment with a high concentration of healing peptides like glo therapeutics Intense Recovery Conditioning Mask. This luxurious and effective mask contains clover which supports the hair follicle and helps prevent breakage. It’s the ideal treatment to use once a week (maybe while de-stressing from wedding planning in a bubble bath?).  

Eat a Balanced Diet
Many brides diet in the months before their wedding which can deprive their hair of  the essential nutrients it needs to look healthy and vibrant. Instead of going on a crash diet, focus on whole foods that will give your body the nutrients it needs such as salmon, walnuts, and spinach. These foods are high in protein which is what your hair needs to remain healthy. Salmon and walnuts also contain omega-3 fats which help keep your hair hydrated.

Bye Bye Blowouts
In the months leading up to your nuptials try to avoid damaging your hair with hot styling tools and frequent blowouts . When we use heated styling tools like blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons we are drying out our hair which can lead to damage and split ends. If you can’t say no to blowouts then be sure to use a heat protecting product such as Extreme Heat Protecting Serum.

Keep It Cool
Avoid rinsing your hair with hot water which can cause hair to appear weak and limp. Instead, rinse with lukewarm water and, if you can handle it, do one final rinse with cold water to seal the cuticle. This will leave you hair looking healthy, shiny and soft.

Take a look at our Bridal Beauty Pinterst Board for more inspiration!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Q&A with Kate McCarthy: The Dish on Blush

Q: I am looking to purchase a new blush. What are the main differences and results of the different blush options from glo?

Blush: The powder Blush- Every girl’s best friend. Blush is a product that EVERY WOMAN needs. It perks up your complexion, balances out skin afflictions, and adds a little pep in your step! Plus, choosing a color is easier than you think. First, think about your attitude for the day, if you are feeling bold grab a color like begonia! If you are feeling more natural use nectar or paradise. The only rule of thumb? If you have a red surface tone, grab a blush that has more brown or yellow undertones to it. Think colors like bare, innocent and spice berry and apply with the Blush Brush.

Cream Blush: Cream Blush is a great choice for those who not only want a flush of color, but for those who need extra moisture. Cream Blush is ideal for those with dry skin, or skin that has lost its “luster.” I love using the Texture Brush with the Cream Blush and my favorite color is guava! It gives just the right amount of pink flush to the cheeks, without making you look like a clown.
Blush Duo: The Blush Duo is a wonderful product! I LOVE Blush Duo in  terra cotta. Both colors are made to compliment the skin.  Terra cotta is a great shade for those with Rosasea because the orange undertone helps neutralize the redness. I like to use the darker shade in the hollow of my cheeks and then with the lighter shade I highlight my cheekbones for a subtle contour and highlight effect.  
Powder Cheek Stain: This is my FAVORITE cheek product! Just a little bit gives you that just pinched look. Use the
Texture Brush with this one and more importantly remember to use sparingly! A little goes a VERY long way so start off with a small amount and gently brush your cheeks working from your apples to your temple. I also love to apply (using my finger) to my lips and top with clear gloss! The Powdered Cheek stain is ideal for any skin types. Plus, it’s really great for the upcoming summer months because  this blush is a humidity buster (great for summer brides too!).   
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