Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Help Us Pick Our Fall Makeup Tutorial!

Pin your favorite fall makeup looks to this board and our National Makeup Artists will pick their favorite looks for our next fall tutorial!

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Our National Makeup Artists will pick their favorite looks on September 13, 2013 and begin creating the looks themselves!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

glo's Meltproof Makeup Tips

Labor Day Weekend might mark the end of summer but that doesn’t mean hot summer temperatures instantly disappear. Luckily, glominerals has everything you need to help you look polished during the balmy days yet to come. Below are our top tips for applying melt proof makeup:

1) Base

2) Cheeks and Lips
  • For melt proof lips and cheeks, choose long wearing products like Tint for Cheeks & Lips and Powder Cheek Stain in rosy.
  • Stains and tints offer deeper color that has strong staying power which will help your look last in the heat.

3) Eyes

  • Worried about eyeliner or eyeshadow evaporating under high temperatures? Set your eye makeup with Perfecting Powder. The powder is translucent so it will not affect the color or depth of your shadow.
  • Load up an Eye Blender Brush with Perfecting Powder and tap onto your finished eye look.
  • The Lip Filler Pencil acts as a waterproof barrier for not only lips, but eyes too! Top your Eyeliner with the Lip Filler Pencil for extra protection against melting.

Friday, August 23, 2013

We Belong Together: Cyto-luxe Cleanser & Serum

The all new Cyto-luxe Cleanser offers so much more than a luxurious cleansing experience. Because it contains Papaya Enzymes that gently remove impurities, this cleanser exfoliates and prepares skin to effectively receive peptides and plant stem cells. That’s where the Cyto-luxe Serum steps in! Once you’ve prepped your skin, the serum smoothes the appearance of wrinkles by helping promote collagen production which helps soften the appearance of expression lines. These two products are truly a match made in skin care heaven!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

We Belong Together: Luxe Liquid Foundation & Perfecting Powder

Flawless skin is within reach thanks to the all new glominerals Luxe Liquid Foundation. This foundation is formulated with light-diffusing diamond powder, broad-spectrum UV protection and specialized moisturizing agents to deliver a flawless, youthful complexion. Set with our Perfecting Powder and the results are simply stunning!

Pre-order your Luxe Liquid Foundation today!

August Favorite Fan Photos

We love seeing your gorgeous glo photos on Instagram! Below are some of our recent favorites! Tag us in your photos using #glominerals #gloprofessional #glotherapeutics and follow us as well for behind the scenes look at glo- @gloProfessional.

Our friends at @glomexico shared this photo of glotherapeutics Refreshing Mist.

@torontocosmeticclinic snapped this photo and added the caption "Great coverage all day long!

Our lovely friends at @devenir_salon shared their favorite easy weekend glo products. !

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We Belong Together: Therapeutic Body Exfoliant & Cream

Therapeutic Body Exfoliant & Cream

Issues like Keratosis Pilaris, Psoriasis, body blemishes, ingrown hairs or razor bumps can not only attracted unwanted attention but they also can cause pain and discomfort. We created the perfect pair of exfoliating products to help treat and prevent these pesky skin issues. When used together, Therapeutic Body Exfoliant and Therapeutic Body Cream help exfoliate skin while anti-inflammatory and brightening ingredients soften the appearance of discolored, textured areas and reduce redness.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What's On Your Beauty Shelf?

Name: Juli
Department: International
Skin Type: Normal to Dry (Sometimes Sensitive)
Morning Skin Care Routine: Every morning I wash my face with Hydrating Gel Cleanser. It’s hands down my favorite cleanser because it glides on silky smooth and I love the way my face feels once I wash it off. Once a week I also use the Refresh Facial Polish to exfoliate and lift away dead skin so my face is baby soft. After cleansing, I use the Purifying Tonic to tone and revive my skin. Recently, I started using the Advanced B5 Hydration and I am obsessed. I particularly enjoy this serum in the summer because my skin still feels like it can breathe. In the Fall and Winter months I cannot live without the Conditioning Hydration Cream. Lastly, I apply Ultra 15% Vitamin C and Oil Free SPF 40, making sure I not only apply to my face but my neck and décolleté. After these last steps my morning skin routine is complete and I’m ready for makeup!
Evening Skin Care Routine: My evening skin routine is the most important part of my day! I grew up always washing my face before I went to sleep. Luckily my mom always stressed the importance of removing your makeup and wash away the dirt from the day. I start by using the Conditioning Milk Cleanser to remove my makeup, and then cleanse with the Hydrating Gel Cleanser. 3 to 4 times a week I use the Brightening Polish to exfoliate and brighten my skin. This product really works and I notice a difference right away! I use the Purifying Tonic to level out the pH of my skin and then it is time for moisturizers! At night time I tend to go for a heavier moisturizer. I apply the Moisture Rich Cream, Vital Eye Cream then Mint Balm and I am ready for some shut eye!  
Makeup (or Hair Care) Routine: I tend to not wear a ton of makeup during the workweek. I have a toddler at home so my morning routine has to be under 30 minutes (that includes showering, hair and makeup). Once I get out of the shower I towel dry my hair and mix up my cocktail of Infinite Shine Smoothing Oil and Style Defining Cream and smooth it over my damp hair. And that’s it- my hair-do is complete! As for makeup, I like to keep it simple. I apply Sheer Tint Base with my favorite brush of all time- the Dual Foundation Camouflage Brush. I then apply Lid Primer, which I never used before I worked at glo, and I am amazed with the difference it makes. Next, it’s time for some color, I use the Powdered Cheek Stain and Bronze in sunlight to give my skin just a bit of shine. I normally choose my eye shadow colors based on my outfit- which tends to be Eye Shadow Trio in coffee or amethyst most days. I also use the Majestic Jungle Collection to create looks perfect for a night out on the town! I love the Precise Micro Eyeliners because the thin point lets me define my eyes for daytime without all the drama associated with heavy eye liner. Water Resistant Mascara, Mint Balm and setting my makeup with the Revive Hydration Mist is last on my list. Then I am off for the day!
Can’t Live Without Products:
There are a few products that I cannot live without. Having somewhat sensitive skin, I always have a bottle of Remedy Gel around the house. I am obsessed with hydrocortisone, it fixes any minor rash or breakout I may have. My other obsession is the Smoothing Salt Scrub. I use this once a week and my skin is soft, smooth and glowing! Since having a baby my skin has changed a bit and I developed a slight case of Keratosis Pilaris on the back on my arms. I started using Therapeutic Body Exfoliant and I saw results within a week! My arms are smooth and the red bumps have faded significantly. Lastly, the most amazing product that I use throughout the day is Revive Hydration Mist. It gives my skin that instant burst of moisture and I instantly feel refreshed for those days where I could really use a afternoon nap!

In the News: OK! Magazine

We are thrilled to see our Royal Lip Crayon in countess coral is featured in OK! Magazine! We love the coral trend and this shade is flattering on all skin tones! Shop Royal Lip Crayon in countess coral here!

glominerals royal lip crayon coral

Friday, August 9, 2013

All New Fall 2013: Line Smoother

Fine lines and wrinkles are notorious for their stubbornness. Tackle these frustrating signs of aging with glotherapeutics all new Line Smoother. This powerful concentrate delivers line and wrinkle smoothing active ingredients for instant skin toning and long-term lifting. With clinically-proven actives, Line Smoother packs powerful wrinkle-reducing results. Start by cleansing your skin then apply a small amount of Line Smoother directly to fine lines and wrinkles. We recommend waiting until absorbed before applying glotherapeutics serum and moisturizer. For best results use once or twice daily for 6 months.

All New Fall 2013: Therapeutic Body Cream

When we launched our Therapeutic Body Exfoliant last spring the positive feedback from those suffering from Keratosis Pilaris was overwhelmingly positive.  Now we are thrilled to launch our Therapeutic Body Cream as the perfect partner and supplement to the already popular scrub. Together these products are design to treat skin conditions such as Keratosis Pilaris, Psoriasis, body blemishes, ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Therapeutic Body Cream contains Glycolic Acid to help exfoliate your skin while anti-inflammatory and brightening ingredients soften the appearance of discolored, textured areas - all while reducing redness. Therapeutic Body Cream is recommended for skin in need of smoothing and exfoliation and is best when applied to clean, dry skin after exfoliating with glotherapeutics Therapeutic Body Exfoliant. For best results we recommend focusing on affected areas of the body twice a day.  Dry, bumpy skin be gone!

All New Fall 2013: Cyto-luxe Body Lotion

cyto-luxe body lotion

The latest addition to the Cyto-luxe collection takes phytostem technology to the body. Cyto-Luxe Body Lotion leverages the same core technology and advanced anti-aging ingredients found in all Cyto-luxe products to achieve ageless skin on the body.

This elegantly-formulated anti-aging body moisturizer soothes skin and delivers necessary antioxidants to arms, legs and chest for smoother, firmer skin. Powerful peptides penetrate deeply to help promote collagen production, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tone skin. Oat Kernel Extract, which is derived from organically farmed oats, adheres to the skin to form a continuous and cohesive lifting film. Clinical studies showed skin firming within two hours of application and an anti-wrinkle effect after 28 days of twice daily applications.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

All New Fall 2013: Jeweled Eye Pencils

When we launched our Jeweled Eye Pencils in sterling silver and bejeweled bronze during the holidays last year we knew we were onto something special. These creamy crayons quickly became a fan favorite due to exquisitely blendable color and easy application. Because of their growing popularity we are excited to launch three new shades: merlot, baroque and antique.

These rich new hues are perfect for the upcoming Fall season and can blend together for a sophisticated and easy fall look (take a peek at the look Kate McCarthy created here!). The depth and staying power of these pretty pencils will help create versatile looks that stay put- prefect for the busy Fall season. These Jeweled Eye Pencils can be used as the base for a gorgeous smoky eye or they can stand alone with a simple swipe along your lashline and a coat of mascara. We can’t wait to add these stunning shades to our makeup arsenal.

Which One is Right for You? Brightening Serum vs. Lightening Serum

Ask most people to name what makes someone look older than they really are and wrinkles will be a popular answer. However, according to recent studies, dark spots are the biggest indicator of age. A good serum can help fight these pesky spots and glotherapeutics has two great options: Lightening Serum and Brightening Serum. Both of these serums contain active ingredients to help diminish the appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation and freckling. So which to choose?

First, let’s clarify the terms “lightening” and “brightening.”  Lightening refers to  the practice of using chemical substances to provide an even complexion or lighten skin tone by lessening the concentration of melanin. This method not only targets existing pigmentation, it also affects the melanogenesis process (which is the process that results in melanin production and formation in the skin- aka hyperpigmentation).  Brightening products target the surface layers of the skin with ingredients designed to improve skin’s overall brightness and texture. This method focuses on melanin that has already been deposited into our skin and is visible on the surface- it helps to break it up and even overall tone.

Here are some key differences between the two serums:

The biggest differentiator between the two serums is that Lightening Serum contains 2% Hydroquinone, a very powerful skin lightener that inhibits the synthesis of melanin. In addition to Hydroquinone, Lightening Serum contains Lactic and Salicylic Acids. In contrast, Brightening Serum relies on botanical lighteners to deliver results. It contains several botanical lighteners including Licorice Root Extract, Mulberry Bark and Bearberry Extracts.

Because it contains very powerful ingredients, we only recommend using a small amount of Lightening Serum as a spot treatment once or twice daily. Brightening Serum can be applied as a spot treatment or all over the face once or twice daily.

Duration of Use:
After using Lightening Serum for 6 months, we recommend waiting 1-2 months before starting a new course of treatment. Brightening Serum can be used continuously until desired results are reached.
Sun Exposure:
Both Serums may increase sensitivity so the sun so it’s extremely important to wear a sunscreen daily. Unprotected or excessive sun exposure can delay or inhibit results.

In conclusion, if you have distinct areas of pigmentation that you want to resolve we’d suggest the Lightening Serum . If you are looking to increase your skin’s overall luminosity and create an even glow, the botanically-based Brightening Serum is the ticket!

All New Fall 2013: Cyto-luxe Cleanser

When it comes to creating a successful skincare routine, it’s always important to start with a solid foundation which is why we are thrilled to launch our new Cyto-luxe Cleanser. With a rich, buildable lather that employs papaya enzymes to gently remove impurities, the Cyto-luxe Cleanser thoroughly cleanses the skin. In addition to cleansing, the enzymes exfoliate and prepare skin to effectively receive peptides and plant stem cells. 

This combination of cleansing and conditioning agents leaves skin looking and feeling soft and refreshed. Cyto-luxe Cleanser is recommended for all skin types to promote ageless beauty. Start by dispensing a small amount of cleanser into wet hands, lather and apply to your dampened face. Massage gently for 60 seconds, continue to add water if additional lather is desired, and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

glo How-To: Early Autumn Eyes

It might be a bit too early to start pulling out your sweaters and boots for Fall but you can still create a gorgeous look using the new Jeweled Eye Pencil colors from our Fall 2013 launch. Inspired by the warm summer weather that lingers into Fall, Kate McCarthy created this stunning look that is perfect for the transitioning season up ahead.

Start by placing Jeweled Eye Pencil in antique onto your upper lash line and then blend with Jeweled Eye Pencil in baroque up to the crease of your eyelid. Next, place Eye Shadow in opal onto your brow bone for a subtle highlight. Using the Jeweled Eye Pencil in merlot, line your lower lash line and blend with the Smudge Brush to create a soft, smoky effect. Top with a coat of Lash Boosting Mascara to make your eyes really pop and finish with Blush in nectar and Precise Micro Lipliner in delilah.

glominerals eye makeup Eye Pencils

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

One Trend, Two Ways: Nude Lips

glominerals nude lips

Like a classic black dress, a nude lip can be dressed up or down, it can be timeless or edgy and flatters every (yes, every) skin tone. To help prove our point, we enlisted our talented National Educator, Janeena, to show us how to create a flattering nude lip for every occasion and skin tone!

Janeena added just the right amount of sophistication to her smoky eye by creating a stunning yet simple nude lip. By opting for a nude lip, instead of a red or pink lip, she kept this look appropriate for any occasion. Deeper skin tones tend to have naturally more deeply pigmented lips which can make creating a true nude lip difficult. To find the right shade for her skin tone Janeena, whose Pressed Base shade is honey light, looked for lip shades that helped add depth. She used Precise Micro Lipliner in delilah to help mute her natural lip color and then applied Lipstick in blush, which has a peach undertone, to create a soft nude hue. Gloss in naked served as the perfect finish!

We created an everyday nude lip by focusing on colors that help add warmth to her naturally fair complexion (she wears Pressed Base in natural fair). To create this look we used the Precision Lip Pencil in peach to neutralize her existing lip color and create a base for the nude lip. She also outlined the edges of her lips with the peach  to make them appear fuller. Next, she reintroduced color by using the lipstick from the Perfect Lip Duo in bare which has a wonderful creamy texture. To add a bit of warmth to the look, which is important for ladies with fair skin, we added a bit of fun with Gloss in pink blossom.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Luxe Liquid Foundation: The Power of Diamonds

glominerals all new Luxe Liquid Foundation

Diamonds have long been synonymous with elegance, power, glamour and even love. Due to their ageless and captivating beauty, these luxurious, precious stones are coveted worldwide. With glominerals all new Luxe Liquid Foundation, we add the unexpected element of science to the timeless marriage of diamonds and beauty. Formulated with light-diffusing diamond powder, broad-spectrum UV protection and specialized moisturizing agents - Luxe Liquid Foundation delivers a flawless, youthful complexion.

Luxe Liquid Foundation applies optical physics to beauty by harnessing the unique way light passes through a diamond to achieve a soft focus effect on the skin. When light enters the face of a diamond, the light behaves differently than it would passing through the air around us. It moves more slowly and is reflected internally before it exits in random directions. This decreased speed and random light exit creates a visible softening effect when applied to the skin. Because the diamond powder we use in Luxe Liquid Foundation is ultra fine, its refractive properties subtly illuminate the skin while effectively decreasing the appearance of wrinkles. This diamond technology visibly reduces the appearance of shadows, wrinkles, pigmentation and discoloration, resulting in radiant, ageless skin.

Luxe Liquid Foundation is available in 8 gorgeous shades (rosette, porcelain, naturelle, tahini, almond, brûleé, truffle, café). It is  formulated for dry, dull, and uneven skin with a broad-spectrum SPF of 15. This foundation instantly revitalizes skin upon application and provides full coverage throughout the day. Embrace the age-defying power of diamonds with Luxe Liquid Foundation.
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