The Dish on Dewy Skin

The Dish on Dewy Skin
Healthy, glowing, luminescent, fresh- Are these words you want to use when describing your skin? Then a foundation that offers a dewy finish might be just what you are looking for! Here at glo we offer several foundations that deliver a gorgeous, dewy finish and we are here to answer some common questions about dewy skin.
What exactly does dewy mean? Besides encompassing all of the words above, a dewy finish is moisturizing and light reflective- often giving skin a little extra glow. On the other hand, a matte finish will absorb light which eliminates all shine giving the skin a smooth, classic look.
How do I achieve a dewy look?   A dewy look is often achieved with a liquid formula (although our Loose Base also provides a dewy finish). You can also achieve a dewy finish by a using a cream Highlighter on areas of your face that are naturally raised, and by using Hydration Mist or facial oil, like Cyto-luxe Face Essence, mixed with your foundation.
Is a dewy finish right for my skin? A dewy finish looks great on almost all skin types. From mature skin to first-time makeup wearers , from dry skin to combination skin- a dewy finish looks natural and gorgeous. A dewy finish might not be best for those with extremely oily skin as the light reflecting formulas in combination with skin’s natural oil could create shine, rather than luminescence.
Which foundations do you recommend for a dewy finish? We have four foundations that can create a dewy look. We recommend Sheer Tint Base, Protective Liquid Foundation- Satin II, Luxe Liquid Foundation and Loose Base. BONUS: Receive a free Mint Balm with the purchase of the following foundations while supplies last using the code MINTGIFT at checkout: Sheer Tint Base, Protective Liquid Foundation- Satin II, Luxe Liquid Foundation and Loose Base*.

*Offer is valid through 2/10/14  or while supplies last. MSRP purchases only. Cannot combine with other offers. This offer is not valid on past orders.

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