4 Must-Have Camouflaging Tools

Whether you suffer from rosacea, acne or chronic redness, the challenge of camouflaging discoloration can be frustrating and time-consuming. However, with the right tools camouflaging problems areas can be easy! Here are four camouflaging tools beauty mavens and professionals alike can’t live without!  

1) Camouflage Oil-Free- This is a go-to product for every professional on our team. The oil free formula applies smoothly and delivers rich pigments that effectively conceal and cover blemishes, discoloration and scarring. The best part about this powerhouse of a product is that it is heals while it conceals! With Vitamins A, C and E, as well as Green Tea Extract, Camouflage Oil Free will help soothe and treat problems areas. Plus, a little bit of product goes a very  long way!

2) Corrective Camouflage Kit - Don’t be intimidated by the bright assortment of colors because this little kit packs serious color theory power when it comes to concealing. Each color in this compact helps neutralize discoloration by using color-canceling theory. For tips on which colors to use to conceal your blemishes, scars or hyperpigmentation click here!

3) Redness Relief Powder - Rosacea, chronic redness and discoloration have met their match with glo minerals Redness Relief Powder. This game-changing product visibly reduces skin's surface redness with soothing ingredients like Honeysuckle, Zinc Oxide and Caffeine. In addition, it’s ideal for even the most sensitive skin!

4) Dual Foundation Camouflage Brush- This double duty brush makes camouflaging and correcting simple, easy and fun. With two sides you get superior coverage and unprecedented precision. Use the large end for applying Protective Liquid Foundation and Luxe Liquid Foundation and the smaller end of the brush for Camouflage Oil-Free.

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