glo Before & After: Camouflage

glo Before & After: Camouflage

Doctors and estheticians worldwide choose glo minerals for its ability to effectively camouflage surface redness immediately after chemical exfoliation and soothe, heal and protect the skin post treatment. Today we have before and after photos of a client who received a Glycolic 30% plus Modified Jessner 14% chemical peel. The photos were taken immediately after the peel and they show the client’s inflammation and surface redness. In the after photos our National Makeup Artist, Janeena, applied glo minerals makeup directly to the skin after the peel once skin dried completely. The results are incredible as all signs of surface redness disappeared. In addition, existing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation was camouflaged leaving her skin looking soft, silky and smooth. One would never guess she had just received a chemical peel!

Our client had this to say about the experience:

Directly following the chemical exfoliation treatment, my skin looked very red, irritated and splotchy. Not surprisingly, it felt the same way. I could feel the heat and tightness in my skin - it was bearable and good, in a way, to feel the treatment at work, but it was neither entirely comfortable nor beautiful. Outside the treatment room, I am sure I would have gotten quite a few concerned looks! Thankfully, Janeena was on hand to soothe and camouflage my sensitized skin with glo minerals. I wear glo minerals every day and love the coverage, wear, protection and finish it gives my skin but I often forget how amazing the ingredients really are. Having glo minerals applied following my chemical exfoliation treatment reminded me! My skin was immediately calmed and cooled. The feeling of heat and tightness was relieved and impressively, all of the intense, uneven redness was flawlessly camouflaged. I left the treatment room excited to see the chemical peel create change in my skin and confident that I looked just like my normal self. Actually, I'd say I looked even better than usual thanks to Janeena's talent. All in all, a great day for my skin.

I woke up the day following my treatment feeling some residual heat and much more tightness in my skin. I've had a few professional treatments before so that was as expected. I cleansed and applied my moisturizer and, since it was a Saturday, did nothing more. After a few hours the heat and tightness turned to itchiness. My esthetician had very emphatically instructed me not to pick or scratch so instead, I put on glo minerals. Just like the day before, it immediately soothed the irritation in my skin. Also just like the day before, it completely neutralized the redness that was still quite pronounced. Amazing! I ran my usual Saturday errands with calmed, deceptively normally-colored skin.”

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