glo How-To: Create A Bedtime Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin


Last week we talked about the importance of creating a consistent skincare routine by taking into account your skin type and your skincare goals. Today we are taking a closer look at a bedtime skincare routine for those of you with sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is often described as skin that is prone to inflammation, redness and irritation. Sensitivity can be the result of issues like rosacea or from allergens and irritants. Here is our suggested bedtime skincare routine for those with sensitive skin:

Cleanse: Look for cleansers with a creamy lather rather than a foamy lather because cream based cleansers are gentler on the skin. It’s also important to avoid any harsh exfoliants or scrubs which can irritate sensitive skin leading to further inflammation.

Our Picks: Conditioning Milk Cleanser or Cyto-Luxe Cleanser

Tone: Many of our sensitive skin clients find that using a toner after cleansing helps ensure that the face is clean while refreshing and calming the skin.

Our Pick: Conditioning Tonic

Moisturize: Sensitive skin needs a moisturizer that will help calm and soothe while reducing inflammation. These suggested moisturizers contain anti-inflammatory active ingredients like Jojoba Seed Oil and Soy Isoflavones for the ultimate in sensitive skin care.

Our Picks: Conditioning Hydration Cream, Restorative Cream

Specialty: Here’s where your specific skin concerns come into play. Specialty products should help you achieve your goals while meeting your skin type’s specific needs. We recommend the following to help you achieve your goals while caring for your sensitive skin:

Anti-Aging Pick: Peptide + Defense
Post-breakout Recovery: Healing Gel
Target Under Eye Puffiness: Eye Restore
Balance Oily Skin: Oil Control Emulsion

Supplemental: While these products don’t need to be a part of  your everyday routine, adding a mask can really bolster the health of your skin and support cell turnover and healing.

Our Picks: Soothing Gel Mask, Restorative Mask

*When creating a skincare routine for sensitive skin it is very important to patch test all products to ensure that there will not be a reaction.