glo How-To: Transition Your Skincare Routine for Spring

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Although the weather can be finicky and unpredictable as we move into spring, that doesn’t mean that your skin care regimen should be! Here are some tips to prepare your skin for the transition to warmer temperatures.

Spring Cleaning- The progression to summer can also mean more oil production in the skin which means that it may be time to switch to a detoxifying cleanser. Try glo therapeutics Purifying Gel Cleanser which has just enough Salicylic Acid to really deep clean those pores without stripping away the skin’s natural moisture.

Take It Down a Notch- Because of that increase in oil production during this time of year, it may also be time to scale back on moisturizer or even use something with less (or no) oil. Try glo therpeutics Oil Free Moisturizer which is a lightweight moisturizer that is perfect for normal, oily, combination and congested skin types.

Escape from Hibernation- Has your skin been dry, dehydrated and dull all winter long? Try brightening it up by adding a scrub (especially one with added brighteners) into your weekly skin care regimen, I love glo therapeutics Brightening Polish for this! A total instant gratification product, the skin feels smoother and looks refreshed after just one use. Feel the need to scrub more often? Try Refresh Facial Polish which may be used up to five times per week!  

Here Comes the Sun - The sun is  out and there are more opportunities to spend time outdoors so it’s important to remember to keep your skin protected with SPF. Try the new glo therapeutics Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+. It is the perfect lightweight moisturizer, tint and SPF in one!

Get Extra Protection- Bump up that UV defense with a Vitamin C serum in the morning!  Vitamin C (or L-ascorbic acid) is a fantastic lightener, brightener and tightener but also happens to provide natural UV defense as well. Looking for some extra anti-aging ingredients? Try glo therapeutics Ultra 15% Vitamin C which provides complete protection by repairing and strengthening skin cells.

Mix-Up Your Makeup – Have a “spring awakening” with your makeup look! Now is the time to have fun with your makeup! Experiment with bold colors and pretty pastels and try out this spring’s trends: orangey-peachy lips, white lids, vivid blue liner, pastels. You may even need a darker foundation during this time of year so it’s a good idea to visit your local retailer for a color match!

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