Product Spotlight: Conditioning Milk Cleanser

Conditioning Milk Cleanser.jpg

As one of our top-selling cleansers, Conditioning Milk Cleanser is truly a unique and well-loved product. Its strong following includes those with sensitive skin or rosacea and those with extremely dry skin. Because this cleanser has a creamy, smooth cleansing action, it’s great for gently washing away impurities while soothing and protecting the skin. This cleanser is so gentle that it doubles as an eye makeup remover!

Conditioning Milk Cleanser also contains antioxidants and nourishing oils that provide the skin with much needed moisture and hydration. Shea Butter, Salflower Oil and Jojoba Oil are just a few of the calming ingredients that give this cleanser its creamy, soothing feel. Pair it with Conditioning Tonic and Conditioning Hydration Cream for the complete package.

“I have incredibly sensitive skin, most on the shelf cleansers end up giving me acne and making my face red! This cleanser really helps the condition of my skin, I still get pimples on occasion but they don't seem to hang around as long and are much less severe! My skin also feels amazing after use, I love this product!” Online Review by Sara

“Leaves my face feeling soft and pure. No residue or harsh scrubbing sensation. Since I've added this to my nighttime routine, I'll never go without.” - Online Review by Nicole