Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Product Spotlight: Corrective Camouflage Kit

Every woman needs a product she can keep in her corner for a little extra help when camouflaging trouble spots. For us that product is the Corrective Camouflage Kit. This sleek, black compact might be small but it makes an impact! With four sheer, easy-to-apply neutralizing shades, this secret weapon helps conceal skin discoloration using color theory to camouflage everything from blemishes to under eye circles.

To get started, select the appropriate shade of camouflage then stipple the product on to desired area with the Dual Foundation Camouflage Brush. For smaller areas use the small end, for application to large areas of the skin the large end works beautifully. Not sure which colors to use? Use this guide:
  • Use yellow to conceal mild redness, pink skin, under-eye circles, dark spots and black, blue and purple bruises.
  • Use mint to conceal redness from blemishes, scars, port-wine stains, and rosacea as well as red blotches.
  • Use lavender to conceal yellow, gray and green bruises, sallow complexions and under-eye circles on deeper skin tones.
  • Use neutral to conceal general skin imperfections, minor acne and undereye circles.
  • Blend colors out at the edges and with neutral for seamless coverage.

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