What Causes Rosacea?

What Causes Rosacea

Unfortunately there are no scientifically proven causes of rosacea. While the exact cause is unknown, some specialists believe that rosacea is caused by a blood vessel disorder or a possible malfunction of the connective tissue under the skin. Even though we don’t know the scientific cause, we do know that there are certain conditions or factors that can trigger rosacea flare ups.

Some of these triggers include eating hot or spicy food, drinking certain types of alcohol, taking hot baths, heavy exercise, dramatic changes in weather or extended exposure to wind or sunlight*. Some common rosacea myths include the misconception that rosacea is caused by poor hygiene and that it is contagious. Both of these are false.

While rosacea can affect anyone, it is most common in fair skinned individuals and most symptoms begin to develop after the age of 30. There are also some specialists who believe that individuals of northern or eastern European ancestry are more susceptible however there has never been any scientific proof linking rosacea to a certain race or hereditary factor.  

If you think you might have rosacea, please find a doctor or dermatologist near you for specific treatment and further explanation of this chronic skin disorder.
*This is not a complete list. Each individual is different and it’s important to visit a doctor to discuss individual triggers.

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