Product Spotlight: Neck Firming Serum


Do you neglect your neck? Forgetting to care for your neck the same way you care for your face is a serious beauty faux pas! Not only does the skin around your neck naturally contain less collagen, it’s also often overexposed to environmental conditions such as harmful UV rays and wind. Add the fact that you are constantly moving your neck throughout the day (nodding, turning, stretching) and it’s no wonder the skin around your neck loses vitality with age at a faster rate than your face! It’s time to add Neck Firming Serum to your daily routine.

Neck Firming Serum promotes the appearance of a tighter, firmer and smoother neck. With its innovative ingredients this serum works to lift, brighten and prevent aging resulting in a more youthful-looking neck! Pair Neck Firming Serum with Skin Firming Cream for a powerful combination of moisturizing ingredients to help keep the neck area hydrated while also preventing crepiness.

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