Base Basics: The Foundation for Healthy, Clear Skin

One of our favorite things to hear from our clients is that strangers approach them to compliment their beautiful skin. This experience is even more special when that glo client is someone with problematic skin. glo minerals has been helping women with adult acne and redness feel confident in the own skin for nearly a decade and it’s something that makes us proud. As the most common skin disorder, acne is estimated to affect 40-50 million Americans. Choosing the right foundation to not only cover but help treat and heal adult acne is crucial.

When you apply glo minerals, you are providing your skin with beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and environmental protection. The powerful ingredients in every glo minerals foundation help improve the overall health of your skin while providing impressive coverage and wearability. glo minerals really is clinical skincare with color. It is a beautiful extension of your skincare program. glo minerals is so gentle and healing that dermatologist and other skincare professionals recommend glo for camouflaging even the most severe cases of acne.

We are thrilled that glo minerals foundations, such as our award-winning Pressed Base, can be found in doctors’ offices and spas worldwide and also in the homes of skincare enthusiasts and makeup lovers who use and trust glo daily for healthy skin and beauty. Our unique, systematic approach to beauty is what sets us apart. To learn more about the glo minerals  foundations click here.

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