glo How-To: Illuminate with Shimmer Duo


Our National Makeup Artist Janeena’s signature look includes dewy skin and perfectly highlighted cheekbones. She shared the tips and and tricks she swears by for creating this luminescent look. First, she uses Luxe Liquid Foundation SPF 15 with a few drops of Cyto-Luxe Face Essence. This gives her skin added hydration and a soft, dewy finish. To recreate the subtle highlight on Janeena’s cheekbones, she recommends trying Shimmer Duo in candle (found in the Bridal Kit) or Highlighter.

Both give your cheekbones a lift and are perfect tools for highlighting your best features. Stay tuned for a quick tutorial on using the Highlighter, but today Janeena demonstrates how she uses the Shimmer Duo in candle to create a glowing look.

First, it’s important to use the right tools when applying a product with shimmer. Janeena recommends using the Fan Brush when applying candle because it is specifically designed for delicate application. To begin, she slides the brush down the middle of the compact which helps distribute the two shades evenly . Next, she dusts off any excess product before application. Finally, she recommends sweeping the brush up your cheekbone toward your temple with a light touch then blending as necessary. The result is a perfectly highlighted cheekbone!

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