glo How-To: Luxe Liquid Bright Concealer for Medium to Dark Skin Tones


Today we are continuing our exploration of Luxe Liquid Bright Concealers on different skin tones with a tutorial on medium to dark complexions. You fall into this category if you wear Luxe Liquid Foundation in brulee, cafe or truffle.  In the photo above, our model used Luxe Liquid Bright Concealer to help highlight, correct and conceal after we first applied Luxe Liquid Foundation in brulee. Follow these tips on how to highlight, correct and conceal for medium to dark complexions: :

Highlight: Liquid Bright Concealer in brighten was used to highlight the high points of her face: brow bone, under eye, chin, bridge of her nose, forehead and the inner corner of her eye.

Correct: Liquid Bright Concealer in sunburst was used to correct under eye circles.

Conceal: Liquid Bright Concealer in sunburst was used to conceal blemishes.

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