Product Highlight: Luxe Setting Powder Brush

Luxe Setting Powder Brush

Makeup artists and beauty gurus agree - the right tools can help take your look from pretty to simply stunning. Using the wrong brush can not only affect the appearance and alter the effectiveness of your makeup, but it can attribute to fallout and waste as well (and we all want our favorite products to last longer!). When we created Luxe Setting Powder, we knew creating the perfect brush was crucial to the application process so we embarked on a mission to create the ideal tool.

The Luxe Setting Powder Brush was designed to delicately distribute Luxe Setting Powder for a soft, airbrushed effect. The Luxe Setting Powder Brush has a unique tulip shape with tapered ends that allows for precise placement of product with minimal fallout. Made with PBT Synthetic bristles, the brush is able to lightly grip the right amount of product for a delicate application. You will not only fall in love with the way your skin looks, but you’ll also love the luxurious look and feel of this beautiful brush!  

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