glo How-To: The 3 Step Diamond Difference


Flawless skin is everyone’s dream and the new additions to our Luxe line make radiant skin a possibility for all ages and skin types. The diamond difference delivers a flawless, youthful radiance by harnessing the light-refracting powder of diamonds to bend light while offering broad spectrum protection. The result is a smooth, ageless complexion. To create this look start with a clean, prepped and moisturized face then follow these three simple steps:

Step 1) Apply Luxe Liquid Foundation using the Luxe Foundation Brush.

Step 2) Use the Luxe Liquid Bright Concealers to spot conceal as needed, reduce redness, highlight select areas and disguise dark spots (take a look at these tutorials and learn which shades to use for your skin tone: fair to light, light to medium, medium to dark).

Step 3) Set foundation with Luxe Setting Powder by smoothing the powder over your face using the Luxe Setting Powder Brush.

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