glo How-To: Time Capsule Holiday Eye Tutorial

holiday eye tutorial glo minerals

Dreamy, ethereal shades of violet, rose and bronze compile the beautifully soft combination of colors found in the Keepsake Collection Time Capsule. Together Cream Stay Shadow Sticks in keepsake and gold blush, Liquid Ink Eyeliner in black, and Precise Micro Eyeliner in violet create this stunningly simple holiday inspired look. The subtle hints of shimmer found in the Cream Stay Shadows Sticks provide the base for this luminescent look while the all-new liners add the perfect amount of definition and drama.  Follow these steps to recreate the perfect look for all upcoming special occasions.

Step 1: Apply Cream Stay Shadow Stick in gold blush on lid

Step 2: Swipe Cream Stay Shadow Stick in keepsake on lower lash line

Step 3: Rim eyes with Precise Micro Eyeliner in violet creating a ā€œVā€ on outer corners of eye then blend color up into outer crease

Step 4: Line upper lashline with Liquid Ink Eyeliner in black

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