glo How-To: Weather Proof Your Skincare Routine

Winter Skincare Routine

The first snow of the season is falling at the glo headquarters in Denver and even though it sure is pretty we know that along with snow comes dry, dull and flaky skin. Luckily we have a knowledgable education team to help us prepare our skin for winter’s harsh side effects. Our glo Educator, Amanda, shares her favorite products to help you weatherproof your skincare routine and prevent dehydrated, flakey and dull skin this season.

Amanda’s Weatherproof Skincare Tips:

Cyto-luxe Hydration +
During drier months our skin needs an extra boost of hydration on top of our normal moisturizer so I love to add in a product that is high in hyaluronic acid. Cyto-luxe Hydration + is your best bet for getting the most amount of hyaluronic acid to improve water content for lasting moisture.

Peptide + Defense
Give your skin some R+R with an extra dose of protection from the elements with Peptide + Defense. Throughout the summer, your skin is damaged from the sun and sand so Fall is the ideal time to rebuild it from the inside out.

Repair Cream
We all know how the weather can negatively affects our hands and feet in the winter. Repair Cream provides needed relief from dry, chapped and cracked hands or feet by  moisturizing your skin and delivering antioxidants to protect it from further damage. We recommend keeping one at your desk and  in your car!

Lip Revival
This amazing product has two main benefits: it will volumize your lips over time and keep them intensely moisturized. Plus, I love the way Lip Revival tastes!

Barrier Balm
I recommend using Barrier Balm on extremely dry, rough, cracked skin before you go to sleep.  I use it on my elbows, knuckles, and neck when they are really dry and when I wake up in the morning, my skin is moisturized and protected.

Cyto-luxe Eye Cream
An ingredient in the Cyto-luxe Eye Cream, Antarcticine, prevents dryness and protects against extreme cold. This will work extra hard to keep the skin around your eyes hydrated and protected throughout the upcoming colder weather.
Cyto-luxe Cleanser
For those of you who use one of our cleansers with Hydroxy Acids/BP (all but Conditioning Milk Cleanser), I would recommend using the Cyto-luxe Cleanser once per day during the fall/winter. Pentavitin, a water-binding emollient found in Cyto-luxe Cleanser will offer long lasting moisture.