Ingredient Spotlight: Sweet Iris


When looking for an anti-aging skincare system you might focus on products that claim to firm sagging skin, regenerate skin cell tissue or soften fine lines and wrinkles. But what if we told you that we found an ingredient that does all three and that it can be found in our all-new Cyto-luxe Hydration + and Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+? It might sound too good to be true but Sweet Iris is special because it acts on both the epidermis and dermis.

In the epidermis, it regenerates skin by increasing the differentiation of cells to make skin act younger. In the dermis, it stimulates the synthesis of extracellular matrix components while limiting the action of the enzymes that destroy them. As a result, the two layers become firmer and denser. In addition, Sweet Iris is an effective moisture regulator that binds moisture to the skin which contributes to restoring skin’s natural suppleness.

In a clinical study, 80% of women declared that their wrinkles seem to have decreased after 28 days of treatment. Not only did Sweet Iris decrease the total surface area of wrinkles by 28%, but it decreased the number of wrinkles by 19% and the length of wrinkles by 26% which is why we are excited to introduce this powerful ingredient to our Cyto-luxe line.

For best results apply Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+ to face and neck in the morning after cleansing and toning. Follow with Cyto-luxe Hydration+ and your favorite glo therapeutics moisturizer.

*Concentration of Sweet Iris in Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+ and Cyto-luxe Hydration + exceeds minimum inclusion to achieve results.