Monday, June 30, 2014

Curing 5 Summer Skin Concerns

Curing 5 Summer Skin Concerns

From razor burn to sunburned lips, our skin encounters a wide array of issues as we spend more time outside in the summer. With the big 4th of July weekend quickly approaching, we thought we’d take a closer look at some of the most common summer skin concerns and how to treat them. So pour yourself a glass of lemonade and read these tips on treating common summer skin care issues.
Razor Burn
Shorts and sundresses make shaving in the summer a necessary (and often annoying) task. For those of you who are prone to razor burn we suggest exfoliating with Therapeutic Body Exfoliant before you shave. This will deep clean the follicle to help prevent bumps by lifting away dead skin cells and reducing irritation.  Follow with Therapeutic Body Cream which will soften the appearance of discolored, textured areas and reduce redness. You can also spot treat problem areas with Healing Gel which will help spot treat areas of redness and irritation.

Back Acne
Treating body blemishes and back acne can be a frustrating issue during the summer. The hot temperatures and fun outdoor activities can lead to these pesky, unwanted accessories. We suggest sticking to breathable fabrics and changing out of workout or active wear immediately after heavy perspiration. Back Acne Treatment helps balance excess oil production, reduces inflammation and prevents the growth of acne-causing bacteria. In addition, keeping Clear Complexion pads handy for a quick swipe over problem areas is a great option for your face and body!
We all know the importance of preventing sunburns but if you find yourself with a burn we suggest applying Remedy Gel.  With 1% hydrocortisone Remedy Gel is an anti-inflammatory that reduces redness and irritation.  Another option is the Soothing Gel Mask which cools and calms sensitive or irritated skin with a soothing complex of antioxidants and vitamins.

For those who suffer from eczema, the issue probably exists year-round however in summer it becomes more difficult to cover up. The best way to treat eczema is to keep it occluded with an ointment that will prevent any transepidermal water loss. Our Barrier Balm is a rich ointment developed for just such a purpose.  I

Dry, Chapped or Sunburned Lips
Barrier Balm is also the "go to" product for extremely chapped or dry lips. This moisturizing emollient will lock in moisture and accelerate healing.  For conditioning as your lips start to heal, use the Lip Revival which will help the lips start to produce their own moisture for softer, fuller lips.

Friday, June 27, 2014

glo How-To: Bright Eyes

Hello bright eyes! Our National Makeup Artist, Janeena, compiled an eye-opening list of steps and tricks to help you emphasize your beautiful eyes. Regardless of your eye color or shape, these helpful tips will open and brighten your peepers resulting in eyes that truly POP. Just don’t be surprised when you start hearing “You have such pretty eyes” on the regular!

Step 1: Use a Lid Primer. Not only will a Lid Primer prevent creasing and help your Eye Shadow last all day, but applying an Lid Primer will brighten the entire eye area.

Step 2: Apply a light shade such as Eye shadow in haze across the entire lid.

Step 3: Apply a natural Eye Shadow color, such as mink, in an upward and outward motion to help draw the attention to the highest point on the eye which gives the appearance of more space.

Step 4: Apply Precise Micro Eyeliner in navy along the upper lash line which will make the whites of the eyes appear brighter.

Step 5: Applying Precision Eye Pencil in peach to the lower waterline and inner corner of the eye will help eyes appear more open.

Step 6: Curl lashes for an extra boost of volume.

Step 7: Apply Lash Boosting or Volumizing Mascara to top and bottom lashes for bold lashes.

Step 8 (not pictured): Use Brow Gel in clear to brush eyebrow hair up which broadens the appearance of the lid and opens up the eye area.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Six Summer Must-Haves

Summer is officially in full swing and it’s time to stock up on all of your favorite summer must-haves! Here are some of our top picks for effortless summer beauty:

1) Revive Hydration Mist - Formulated to instantly hydrate and soothe the skin, this mist instantly stimulate the senses with a burst of hydration.

2) Bronze in sunkiss -  Add a warm, natural sun-kissed glo to any complexion by dusting bronzer on your face and body.

3) Moisturizing Tint SPF 40+  - This oil free formula provides moisture to combat dehydration and dryness, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection to guard against the sun's damaging rays and a sheer hint of color to softly even tone and enhance skin's radiance.

4) Summer Trio Collection  - This limited edition trio offers all you need to define eyes, add a flush of color to cheeks and set your makeup application with a natural finish.

5) Water Resistant Mascara - Not only is this Mascara water resistant, but it is also lengthens and volumizes for long-lasting, dramatic lashes.

6) Cherry Balm - Protect your lips with full-spectrum SPF 15 while nurturing botanicals of Hemp Seed Oil, Meadowfoam and Mango Seed Butter soothe and heal.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

glo How-To: Illuminate with Highlighter


Earlier this week, we discussed how to get Janeena’s signature dewy skin and perfectly highlighted cheekbones using the Shimmer Duo in candle. Today, we are featuring another illuminating option - glo minerals Highlighter. This liquid Highlighter adds a hint of radiance that instantly brightens any complexion.

Because the formulation is liquid, it’s important to note that a little bit of Highlighter goes a long way. Janeena recommends  using only a pea size amount of product (as pictured above) and applying it with the Texture Eye Brush. To get the desired look, Janeena applies a small amount of Highlighter to the top of her cheekbone and extends the line towards her temple. She then blends the Highlighter using her finger to create a subtle yet stunning glow!

Product Spotlight: Clear Complexion Pads

Clear Complexion Pads Review.jpg

Purchase Clear Complexion Pads here!

Monday, June 16, 2014

glo How-To: Illuminate with Shimmer Duo


Our National Makeup Artist Janeena’s signature look includes dewy skin and perfectly highlighted cheekbones. She shared the tips and and tricks she swears by for creating this luminescent look. First, she uses Luxe Liquid Foundation SPF 15 with a few drops of Cyto-Luxe Face Essence. This gives her skin added hydration and a soft, dewy finish. To recreate the subtle highlight on Janeena’s cheekbones, she recommends trying Shimmer Duo in candle (found in the Bridal Kit) or Highlighter.

Both give your cheekbones a lift and are perfect tools for highlighting your best features. Stay tuned for a quick tutorial on using the Highlighter, but today Janeena demonstrates how she uses the Shimmer Duo in candle to create a glowing look.

First, it’s important to use the right tools when applying a product with shimmer. Janeena recommends using the Fan Brush when applying candle because it is specifically designed for delicate application. To begin, she slides the brush down the middle of the compact which helps distribute the two shades evenly . Next, she dusts off any excess product before application. Finally, she recommends sweeping the brush up your cheekbone toward your temple with a light touch then blending as necessary. The result is a perfectly highlighted cheekbone!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Before & After: Acne Treatment for Oily Skin

Before & After: Acne Treatment for Oily Skin

Andrea came to us 3 months ago hoping to improve her oily, acne-prone skin before her upcoming summer wedding. “I would have nightmares about big, huge pimples in my wedding pictures and it was scary!” she told Kristin, our glo therapeutics International Educator & Product Developer. Together with our experienced team, Andrea embarked on a 3 month skin care overhaul and the the results are remarkable. “I am more confident and feel more comfortable in my skin. I feel like I am truly glowing!”

Read more from Andrea below and learn how you can follow a similar routine by contacting your local esthetician.

glo: Describe your skin before you started the treatment series.
Andrea: I had several breakouts that never seemed to go away. They were usually around my chin and jawline. My skin was super oily as well. I would continuously blot my face because it was so oily. My skin made me feel self conscious and definitely affected my confidence level.  

glo: Describe your dedication to your at home routine.
Andrea: I was very dedicated. Once I got my at home regimen from Kristin, I made sure to follow it to a tee. I wanted my skin to clear up and wanted to be acne free and less oily before my wedding in July.  

glo: Describe the progression/change in your skin during the treatment series.
Andrea: I noticed results right away! My skin started feeling less oily within the first couple weeks and the blemishes began to disappear shortly after. It looked especially great after the professional treatments. My favorite treatment was the Salicylic!

glo: Describe your skin after the treatment series.
Andrea: My skin has maintained its glow which is amazing! Every once in a while I get a random break out due to hormones or stress but overall my skin is much clearer and looks amazing!

glo: Would you recommend the treatment series to a friend?
Andrea: Yes! People started noticing the changes in my skin within a month of beginning my at home regimen. My family and friends were astonished and even began asking me for skin care tips. People I just met could not believe I had ever had any breakouts. Now I recommend glo skin care products to my family and friend all the time!

Andrea’s Treatment Series:
Andrea began her at-home regimen one month before receiving her first professional treatment. Here is her month-by-month treatment information:

Morning Skincare Routine:

Evening Skincare Routine:
Refining Mask 2 X a week

Professional Treatment Series:
1st Professional Treatment - Flower Enzyme: Gently removes superficial dead skin cells to simulate the skin while providing antioxidant protection.
2nd Professional Treatment - Salicylic 30% - Deeply cleanses pores with antiseptic properties to help treat acne and rejuvenate the skin.
3rd Professional Treatment -  Glycolic 30% followed by Salicylic Acid 30% - Effectively aids in regulating oily skin while helping regenerate and repair uneven skin tone and texture.

To find a local glo esthetician please call 1-800-232-0398.

Friday, June 6, 2014

glo How-To: Age Appropriate Shimmer

Age Appropriate Shimmer

Guest post by National Makeup Artist, Janeena Billera.

When traveling as a makeup artists to events and trainings, there are certain questions that come up often. Today I’m going to answer this popular question: “I have aging skin. Will products with shimmer make me look older?”
If you were anything like me when you started using makeup, you gravitated towards sparkly bronzers, heavy and highly pigmented highlighters and eye shadows, and anything glitter related. However, heavy formulations with a high concentration of light reflecting shimmer or glitter might not be the best option as you mature. I see makeup application as an art form, and when creating art it’s all about knowing your canvas, which in this case is the face.  Women of all ages can have a few wrinkles and fine lines that they would rather not accentuate which is why it’s important to avoid products that will draw attention to fine lines and larger pores.

Now don’t get discouraged. There are specific ways to use shimmer to your benefit, such as using light diffusing, illuminating, and brightening products.  An anti-aging lightweight and emollient foundation that helps re-texturize the skin is always a great idea. I like Luxe Liquid Foundation SPF 15 which creates a soft focus finish and, with the help of diamond powder, adds a youthful glow. It’s the perfect choice for an all over base that adds an instant, natural glow.  

I also advised my mature skin clients to take precaution when using larger particles of shimmer on and around the eye area as this can accentuate fine lines. If a powdered shimmery highlight is calling your name pick a product that has very fine particles such as Shimmer Brick in luster or gleam. Again, make sure that you are just adding a light shimmer and not glitter!

When using a product like a Shimmer Brick there are also couple of things to keep in mind. It’s best to keep the colors neutral and skin toned so they can blend naturally. Avoid stark whites or bright golds as they can look unnatural. Last but not least, focus on the area of placement. This is probably the most important tip. Always try to apply products with shimmer to smooth surface areas such as the inner corners of eyes, the brow bone and down the bridge of the nose. If the lower center of the eyelid is wrinkle-free, use just a touch there as well. Always remember less is more, and to use a light hand during application.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

In Depth Analysis: Acne Fighting Ingredients

Acne Fighting Ingredient
June is Acne Awareness Month and we are dedicated to helping clients with all types of acne find the answers and treatments they are looking for. Here at glo headquarters we turn to our International Educator, Product Developer and all-around skin care aficionado, Kristin Cristiano, for advice, tips and treatment whenever we dealing with a breakout. With more than 20 years of experience in the skincare industry, her wealth of knowledge about acne treatments is incredible. Read on as Kristin gives an in depth breakdown of products and ingredients that deliver proven results.

From Kristin Cristiano:

There are several ingredients that are proven to target the root causes of acne. The two most researched and best accepted ingredients to treat acne without a prescription are Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid. Both  have the capacity to kill bacteria existing inside the follicle. Overgrowth of bacteria is one of the major contributing factors to acne, causing irritation and inflammation. Salicylic Acid also helps to exfoliate excess dead skin cells which contribute to the growth of acne. Dead skin cells mix with excess oil secreted by the sebaceous gland and cause an impaction which is otherwise known as a comedone or milia. These are the precursors to pimples and papules.

glo therapeutics offers four products leveraging Salicylic Acid to clear skin: Clear Acne Cleanser, Clear Complexion Pads, Renew Serum, and Back Acne Treatment for body blemishes.

Two products leverage Benzoyl Peroxide’s blemish-fighting properties: Clear Anti-Blemish Cleanser and Clear Anti-Blemish Treatment.  It is important to note that overuse of Benzyol Peroxide can over dry the skin, which can exacerbate acneic skin conditions.

Retinol is another proven ingredient for treating acne. Retinol can penetrate skin cells and normalize their behavior. It also stimulates cells in the basal layer which push upwards and cause a burst of exfoliation on the outer layers of the epidermis, helping to keep the skin free of impactions. Retinol and Glycolic Acid, which is another exfoliating ingredient, are key ingredients in Renew Serum. Retinol CS has a higher percentage of Retinol and also contains brighteners which help the overall look of the skin. Retinol, Glycolic Acid and the potent lightener Hydroquinone are key ingredients in Triple Action Serum. Hydroquinone will help reduce Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation left behind after a breakout.

Keeping skin hydrated and balanced is critical to effectively treating acne. glo therapeutics offers two moisturizers specifically designed for oily, acne prone skin. The first, Oil Control Emulsion, is not only oil-free but also includes ingredients that help regulate sebum production and contribute to a matte appearance. Oil Control Emulsion contains Allantoin and Aloe to reduce inflammation and Totarol which has antibacterial properties. The second, Oil Free Moisturizer, is a top-seller containing Algae Extract which protects the mitochondria and Malachite which has antioxidant properties.

A core cleansing and treatment regimen can be effectively augmented using specialty products for acne control. Refining Mask is a clay based mask featuring Sulfur, Zinc and Tea Tree Oil.  It can work magic when used twice a week. It is also available in a professional size. Spot Fix Blemish Treatment uses botanicals in a gentle but effective way to treat individual blemishes. In an individual roller vial, Thyme, Eucalyptus and Rosemary soothe and heal blemishes.  For breakouts that are beginning to heal, applying glo therapeutics Healing Gel can expedite the clearing of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and gently remove any dry flaky skin left over from aggressive treatments. Its enzymes break up dead skin cells while Niacinamide works  to fade residual redness and hyperpigmentation.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Before & After: Acne Treatment for Sensitive Skin

Before & After: Acne Treatment for Sensitive Skin

Here at glo we believe in a systematic approach to skincare that incorporates both a daily regimen and advanced treatments. By using innovative technology and potent concentrations of active ingredients, our treatments and home care products are designed to deliver results and clinically transform the skin.

We used this systematic approach with our client, Susan, who came to us hoping to treat her adult acne while also catering to her sensitive skin. Keeping her goals and skin type in mind our glo estheticians developed a 6 month skin care program that focused on harnessing the power of professional treatments in conjunction with a targeted home care routine. This customized approach delivered transformative results. Below is an inside look at Susan’s regimen.

At Home Morning Routine:

At Home Evening Routine:
Refining Mask (once a week)

Professional Treatment Regimen:
30% Glycolic and 30% Salicylic Peel (once a month for 6 months)

Base Basics: The Foundation for Healthy, Clear Skin

One of our favorite things to hear from our clients is that strangers approach them to compliment their beautiful skin. This experience is even more special when that glo client is someone with problematic skin. glo minerals has been helping women with adult acne and redness feel confident in the own skin for nearly a decade and it’s something that makes us proud. As the most common skin disorder, acne is estimated to affect 40-50 million Americans. Choosing the right foundation to not only cover but help treat and heal adult acne is crucial.

When you apply glo minerals, you are providing your skin with beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and environmental protection. The powerful ingredients in every glo minerals foundation help improve the overall health of your skin while providing impressive coverage and wearability. glo minerals really is clinical skincare with color. It is a beautiful extension of your skincare program. glo minerals is so gentle and healing that dermatologist and other skincare professionals recommend glo for camouflaging even the most severe cases of acne.

We are thrilled that glo minerals foundations, such as our award-winning Pressed Base, can be found in doctors’ offices and spas worldwide and also in the homes of skincare enthusiasts and makeup lovers who use and trust glo daily for healthy skin and beauty. Our unique, systematic approach to beauty is what sets us apart. To learn more about the glo minerals  foundations click here.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Multitasker: Protecting Lip Treatment SPF 15

Monday Multitasker: Protecting Lip Treatment SPF 15

Color, protection and moisture? Protecting Lip Treatment SPF15 is a summer beauty staple! We love this Monday Multitasker for its ability to achieve three jobs at once!

Snap a photo of your Protecting Lip Treatment SPF15 and share it with us using the #mondaymultitasker. We'll share our favorite photos!
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