glo How-To: Find the Dewy Finish Foundation for Your Skin Type


Dewy, glowing skin is topping several 2015 spring beauty trends to watch lists and it’s not difficult to understand why. A dewy finish leaves skin looking youthful, fresh and luminescent while also providing coverage. We asked our National Makeup Artist, Janeena Billera, to help us pick the right dewy skin finish for every skin type, so take a look and give dewy skin a try this year!

Dry Skin
For dry and flaky skin, Luxe Liquid Foundation SPF 15 is a must have. With its built-in specialized moisturizing agents, and semi dewy finish, your skin is sure to be on its way to looking flawless, hydrated and luminescent!

Normal to Dry Skin
Add a natural, sheer glow by applying an even layer of Sheer Tint Base if you have normal to dry skin. If more coverage is desired, let the first layer set, and continue with a second application for a medium coverage as well as a beautiful dewy finish!

Normal to Oily Skin
Have normal to oily skin? Then Loose Base is calling your name along with some handy helpers! This delicate formula helps reduce shine and provides a customized coverage level of your choice. Don't forget to mist! Give your skin a good douse of either Moist or Revive Hydration Mist to achieve that added dewy glow.

Oily Skin
There's a fine line between greasy and dewy. If your skin is oily, but you want to achieve a fresh and dewy glow, why not give Protective Liquid Foundation Satin II a try? This buildable foundation is keen on combating oil, but emollient enough to give your canvas a fresh and natural finish! Always keep a Perfecting Powder or Matte Finishing Powder close by for any last minute T-Zone touch ups.