Skincare Advice For Your 20s

Skincare Advice for Your 20s

Guest Post by National Educator, Amanda von dem Hagen

So, you’re in your 20s and are thinking about your skincare routine. For better or for worse,   what worked for you in your teens most likely won’t work in your 20s, so you might have to change a few things.  During this time in your life it’s important to focus on products that keep your skin healthy, balanced and help prevent premature aging.

Did you know that 80-90% of aging is caused by external factors and that 90% of these external factors include exposure to the sun?  If you haven’t been using a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher every day, I highly recommend you start.  My favorite product is the Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+.  It is a light moisturizer, SPF, tinted foundation, and a primer all in one!

Another very important part of your daily skincare routine is what you do at night.  First of all, you should always remove your makeup.  gloMinerals is an extension of your skin care routine during the day, but don’t mistake that to mean you can wear it while you sleep.  It is essential that you remove your makeup and any dirt/debris that has accumulated on your skin throughout the day.  The Essential Cleansing Oil is the ideal product to remove all makeup, dirt, and oil from the skin.

The second part to a nightly routine is a serum.  Serums are packed with ingredients that target specific skin concerns, so choose one that fits your skin goals.  Here are some suggestions:
Acne/Cell Turnover – Renew Serum
Brightening/Lightening – Brightening Serum or Lightening Serum
Anti-aging – 15% Vitamin C
Hydration – Cyto-luxe Hydration+

Now what about your morning routine?  Step 1 is to cleanse.  You want to make sure your skin is clean for the day and a cleanser will help prevent breakouts.  
Acne – Clear Acne Cleanser
Normal/Combo – Purifying Gel Cleanser (combo-oily) or Hydrating Gel Cleanser (combo-dry)
Dry/Dehydrated – Cyto-luxe Cleanser

It’s also important to remember that what you put in your body has an effect on your skin, so start practicing healthy habits now.  Drink enough water (1/2 your weight in ounces per day) and maintain a healthy diet.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are high in antioxidants, so eating those will help combat free radicals which cause signs of aging.  One last part to your skin care routine for your 20s is to exercise.  When you exercise, the blood supply increases in your skin which will promote healthy cells.

Be sure to pin the infographic below as a great reference!

glo therapeutics Skincare Tips for Your 20s

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