Better Together: Lipstick & Lip Revival

Better Together: Lipstick and Lip Revival
Bright, bold lips are in this spring and whether you are loving our new Suede Matte Crayons or prefer to stick with a classic Lipstick, the key to this look is smooth, moisturized lips. glo therapeutics Lip Revival is a light cream formulated to help protect, smooth and moisturize lips making it the perfect sidekick for your favorite lip color. Plus, the active ingredients found in Lip Revival help increase hydration and collagen production which can create a significant volumizing effect - proving that Lip Revival and Lipstick are truly better together!

To best utilize this pairing, we suggest applying Lip Revival as part of you nighttime beauty routine. This will give the ingredients enough time to work their magic before it’s time for your Lipstick application in the morning. If you do apply in the morning, be sure to let Lip Revival absorb completely before applying color. It’s the perfect prep step for beautifully fuller, smoother lips.

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