glo How-To: Emphasize Blue Eyes

Makeup for Blue Eyes - glo minerals

When it comes to accentuating your eye color, it’s all about choosing complementary shades and using the right techniques to bring out your best features. In the upcoming weeks we will be demonstrating how to use our Eye Shadow Trios to accentuate blue, brown, green and hazel eyes.

First up, let’s talk about those baby blues. Using hues like copper, gold, peach and brown will really help make blue eyes pop because they are on the opposite side of the color wheel. We picked the Eye Shadow Trio in copper sheen for this very reason. This trio contains three shades: a highlight, a base and a crease shade that help bring out the best in blue eyes. Follow these steps for a finished look that pops!

Step 1: Apply the lightest highlight shade found in the trio to brow-bone and inner corner of the eye.
Step 2:  Using the Eye Base Brush, apply the medium or base shade over entire lid.
Step 3: Using the Blender Brush, apply the darkest shade into the outer corner of the lid and blend into the crease.
Step 4: Apply the darkest shade on the lower lashline using the Smudge Brush
Step 5: Line your upper lashline using Precise Micro Liner in black.

For all of the green, hazel and brown eyed beauties out there, don’t worry! This look will also look great on you!

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