Guest Post: Suede Matte Styling with Patterns & Pops

Guest post by Brittany and Lindsay with Patterns & Pops

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Last but certainly not least we have the electrifying Suede Matte Stick in punch. Ladies, your search for the perfect head turning lip color is over (you’re welcome). With this specific styling we wanted to show you how lip color can be used not only for a fancy night out, but you can also use it for your everyday look. There are no rules when it comes to when and where you can sport a bright lip - it’s always appropriate :)

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Brittany went more casual for our first look in the Patterns & Pops Side Slits Aztec Tee. If you haven’t picked this up from our guest series yet, here at P&P we love a look that you can easily transition from day to night and that goes from subtle to sassy. This top has a cape-like feel which can either be layered over a cami for a little more coverage, or a bright colored bralette for a little ooh-la-la!  

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Add some polish to your lazy day outfit with a brighter lip than you would normally reach for, and your look will immediately be upgraded. Whoever said you can’t have a messy bun, t-shirt AND bright pink lips? Adding a bright lip will make you feel more alert and put together - the easiest makeup game changer there ever was!!

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For Lindsay’s look we have combined two separate Patterns & Pops sets, the Hot Pink Ponte Crop and Marbled Scuba Skirt. Sometimes the best thing you can pair with a bright lip, is a bright article of clothing — go big or go home! Once again, here we are showing off a higher crop top that shows off some skin, while also leaving a little to the imagination. Oh and did we mention, this skirt has pockets?? We’ll never understand why, but pockets improve any outfit. We all know the feeling when you first realize they’re there, utter bliss!  

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While these two pieces are traditionally sold as pairs with their matching counterparts, we want to encourage you to think outside the box with your clothing. Just because you bought something to go with another very specific item doesn’t mean that is the ONLY thing it can pair with. One of our favorite exercises here at Patterns & Pops is to raid each other’s closets and style each other’s clothing - as simple as it sounds, it opens your eyes to outfits you would never have thought of. We all get stuck in style ruts, and usually the best prescription is a little perspective ;)

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We hope enjoyed our guest series on styling our favorite shades from the Suede Matte Collection with some of our new summer pieces! Don’t forget to shop these looks, and many more fun, summer staples, with this special code for 10% off your next order: NICE2MEETU. Simply start shopping at and enter the code at checkout!

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