Skincare Advice for Your 40s

Guest Post by National Educator, Amanda von dem Hagen

Skincare Advice for your 40s

Once you turn 40, your skin starts to show you signs of how it has been treated over the last four decades. Dark spots, wrinkles, and dryness will be some of your main concerns and there are some things you will want to add into your daily skincare routine to focus on repairing these signs of damage.
Dark spots or hyperpigmentation will start to become more noticeable in your 40s and you can blame that on sun damage. The products that will help those dark spots fade are our Triple Action Serum, Lightening Serum, and Brightening Serum. You can use them all over, or as spot treatments to target the pigmented areas.
The second concern you will have is dryness. As we age, oil production is reduced which means you’ll need to give your moisturizer a boost. Depending on what moisturizer you have been using, you can use a new moisturizer that is more hydrating. For example, if you have been using our Moisture Rich Cream, give your skin a boost and switch to the Restorative Cream. Another way to add some hydration is to add in our Cyto-luxe Hydration+. This product will help to dramatically improve your skin’s water content and firmness.

It’s important to look over your entire routine when you notice changes in your skin. It may be best to change not only your moisturizer, but your cleanser and toner too. If you feel like you are very dry/dehydrated, look at our Hydrating Gel Cleanser, Conditioning Milk Cleanser, or Cyto-luxe Cleanser. Each of these products will help keep your skin hydrated and the barrier intact to prevent trans-epidermal water loss
Another concern at this time is wrinkles. If you have not been using a Vitamin C serum (we suggest starting in your 20s!), it is time to start! The Ultra 15% Vitamin C is an ideal product to start with so you can reap the benefits of Vitamin C, but it also contains two peptides that help to decrease wrinkles and a botanical extract to help fight glycation. Another really important product to help fight the signs of aging around the eye area is the 7.5% Vitamin C Eye Gel. It will brighten, lighten, tighten, give you a high dose of antioxidants, and tackle those pesky eye wrinkles known as crow’s feet.
When you use a Vitamin C serum in the morning, you are beginning your day in the best way possible, but what about what you do at night? It is imperative that you are cleansing your skin at night and delivering ingredients to help improve your skin concerns. Our Tretinol 0.5% is the perfect product to use a couple nights per week to fight wrinkles, improve texture irregularities, and fight against free radical damage.

With any age be sure you are keeping yourself hydrated and nourished with antioxidants every day.

Skincare Tips for Your 40s

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