The Perfect Pair: Luxe Liquid Foundation and Luxe Foundation Brush


Since the launch of Luxe, one of the most common questions we receive is “Which brush should we use to apply Luxe Liquid Foundation SPF 15?” While both the Texture Brush and Ultra Brush were great choices, neither were exactly right. Enter the Luxe Foundation Brush. We tested many different versions, shapes, sizes as well as synthetic and natural hair for the Luxe Foundation Brush and are confident this flat top kabuki is the perfect applicator for Luxe Liquid Foundation SPF 15.

The shape helps you achieve full coverage while delivering a smooth, even application with a soft focus finish. Plus, the synthetic hair only picks up the perfect amount of product meaning nothing goes to waste! We are thrilled with this beautiful brush and are excited to finally launch the perfect tool for Luxe Liquid Foundation application.

For a limited time, receive a free Luxe Foundation Brush with the purchase of a Luxe Liquid Foundation using the code FREELUXEBRUSH15. For promo details click here.