Product Spotlight: Purifying Gel Cleanser


Purifying Gel Cleanser is formulated to purify your skin without stripping away your skin’s natural moisture, so it’s no wonder it’s our top selling cleanser! Ideal for oily or acne prone skin, this cleanser deeply cleanses your pores while powerful antioxidants work to protect and soothe the skin. Here are just a few of the ingredients that make this a stand-out product:

Glycerin – An emollient that lubricates skin and promotes moisture-retention.
Yucca Extract – Natural foaming and cleansing agent with healing, anti-inflammatory properties.
Salicylic Acid – A Beta Hydroxy Acid that stimulates exfoliation in the skin, clearing pores and promoting new cell growth. Reduces inflammation and smooths skin’s surface. A powerful acne-fighting ingredient.

We recommend applying daily for best results and following with our Purifying Tonic (you can read more about this toner here). Start by applying a small amount of cleanser with wet hands to your dampened face. Then massage gently for 60 seconds and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Your skin will thank you!

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